37 Chapter 36

Chapter 36

I carefully parked my car when I arrived at Chris's house. I removed my seatbelt and looked Clayton who's sleeping at the backseat. As soon as we entered the earlier, he magically fell asleep which is good on my part. I extended my hand then gently caressed his face. Clayton moved that startled me a bit.

"Ice...Ice cream... aghh..." he mumbled. "Ferret..."


"Don't... cry..." I can't helped but to gasped in awe. I smiled.


I fished out my phone from my phone and took a picture of him. Then I send it to Chris.

'We're here.' Sent.

As I know, Chris is here before twilight, it's already 6:15 P.M., I'm sure she's here already. Few minutes had passed, but she's not coming out from their house. I frowned.

'I thought she'll be here?'

I was about to hopped out from the car when my phone rang. Chris was calling, I answered it. "Hello?"

"Uele, I'm sorry!"

I frowned. "Why? What happened?"

"My boss asked me for overtime. I can't make it tonight."

"How about Clayton? Who will be with him tonight?"

"Yeah, I know. That's why I called you. Please, Uele! Take care of him tonight."

"But..." I thought about my parents. For sure, they'll ask a lot of questions about Clayton. I sighed. "Ok, fine." I'll mind other matters later.

"Thanks, Uele! Anyway, can I talk to Clay?"

I groaned and looked at the sleeping brat. "He's sleeping right now, do you what me to wake him up?"

"No, no! Let him sleep. I'm sure he's tired." I heard someone's talking at Chris's line.

"Chlel, we still need to---" Huh?

I heard Chlel silenced that person. "Shh!" The followed by murmurs.

I frowned. "Chris, who's that?"

"My workmate!" She said. "Oh! I'm going Uele! Take care of my son. Bye!" The line went off.

That's... weird.

Since it's already around 7 P.M., I know my parents was in our house. The lights from within was on. I bet they're preparing for dinner. I took the gate's remote on my pocket then waited for the gate to open. I was parking my car when I heard Clayton moved.


"You awake?"

"Uhh-hmmm..." my car was successfully parked. I looked at him and I saw him rubbing his eyes. "Are we at our house already?"

I shook my head. "Nope. We're at my house." He frowned.


"Your mama can't leave her work yet. She said she needs to stay there. She asked me to be with you tonight." I said.

"Eh?!" He shouted. "Then, where will I sleep?" He's no more sleepy.

"In our house, of course." I removed my seatbelt. "And you don't have a choice, brat. So, come on. Move out."

I saw him pout but then followed what I was told him. I waited for him to got out then we walk towards the main door. He was holding my hands zo tight like what he did when we were at the amusement park. The brat was nervous.

"Don't be scared, my parents will not eat you."

"I'm not scared!" He tried to defend himself.

"Yeah, yeah." We entered the houses and we saw mother seating in the sofa.

"Kyle, you're---" she stopped as she saw Clayton. Clayton hurriedly hide behind me. "Who's this kid?"

I laughed awkwardly then headed the sofa, Clayton followed me while still hiding behind me. As sat beside me at the sofa. "Well..." I explained everything to mother. "There, that's why he's here."

"Oh, is that so?" Mother leaned down, facing Clayton who's holding the hem of my shirt. "Hi, I'm Kyle's mother. You are?"

I felt Clayton's grip tightened. I looked at him and nodded. "I'm Clayton..." he said in very low voice. "Nice to meet you..."

Mother smiled. "Same to you, child." He stood up. "Let's go to kitchen, let's eat."

Of course Father, was also shock after seeing Clayton. He was the one assigned to cook. "Wow, you got a child. Am I grandfather now?" He chuckled.

"Father!" I said in embarrassment.

"HAHAHA!" He laughed at me.

The whole dine was bit awkward. My parents were trying to talk to Clayton. The brat was not uttering any word which added with the tension between us. He was fidgeting in his seat. I don't know what should I do to make him comfortable. Good thing, he's still able to eat.

I was in the midst of eating when my father talked. "You like that action figure too?" I lifted my head, assuming that he was talking to me. My parents knew how addicted I was when it comes to action figures. But I was wrong, he was talking to Clayton.

"Ha?" Clayton was confused.

"You were looking at the action figure there, oh." He pointed the action figure that was setting in was of our cabinets. It was visible if seated from our dining table. "Felix and Kyle loves those action figures too."

"Felix?" Clayton asked.

"Yeah." Now, it was mother who was talking. "They even collected like hundred of those!"

"T-that many?!" The kid asked in awe. I decided not to talk and let them enjoy the conversation. It was really great since the brat was starting to speak. "I only had five in our house!"

"That's sad!" Father clicked his tongue. "Kyle, why don't you give some of your collection to Clayton?"

This time, I joined their conversation. "What?! No way! I spend half of my life collecting it!"

"But son, you're old enough to have those."

"No, father! Felix and I collected those together! There's no way I will let it go!" I sounded so childish but it was really important to me.

I was half pissed when Clayton spoke. "No need! I'm happy enough just by seeing it." He said then continued eating. I felt guilty because of it. The mood was lifting slowly but I ruined it.

The mood turned gloomy. I sighed the patted the brat's head. "Fine, you can come here and played with those. But! You can't take any of those outside. Understand?"

"Really?! Thanks, Ferret!" The kid jumped in happiness. I saw my father grinned. I rolled my eyes. I felt like they're ganging up on me!

After eating, I took Clayton with me so I could bathe him. I also asked mother to give me some old clothes of mine for Clayton. The brat was big even if he's like around 6 or 7 year old. I'm sure some of my old clothes will fit him.

"I will sleep at the guest room?" Clayton asked as I dry his wet hair with towel. "Why?"

"What do you mean 'why'? I thought you are a big kid? Do you want go sleep with me?" I asked.

I saw him blushed. "No way! I can handle myself!"

"Okay, just knocked on my door if you want to sleep with me."

After clothing him, I took him to the guest room, two rooms away from mine. It was located after the twin's room. It was pretty far from my room. "Here! Now, go inside." I said then opened the room. The creaking sound from the door echoed. I felt Clayton gripping on my shirt.

He looked at me like he was about to cry. "Let me sleep with you."

I chuckled. "Okay."

After that day, I took Clayton to their house. Chris was already there. She welcomed us. "Clay! I missed you!" She hugged and kissed her son.

"Mama, you saw me like two days ago!" Clayton said in annoyed tone.

"Eh? But it felt like forever!" She said. When she finally looked at me, she thanked me. "Thanks a lot, Uele! You really helped me a lot!"

I smiled. " No problem, just think of it as paying my debt."

"Aww... really? Should I kiss you for taking care of Clay?"

I frowned. "What? Eww. No."

"Oh, okay!" She lifted Clayton. "Thanks again, Uele. Come inside, have a coffe at least."

"No need." I rejected her offer. "Anyway, I'm going now." I said then waved my hand. Before I could take a step I heard Clayton called me.


I turned around. "Hmm?"

"Pick me up after six days! Let's play in your house!" He said. My eyes widened in awe. Even his mama was shocked too.

"Clay, you can't. Kyle must be busy that day." She said.

"Eh? But he promised to let me borrow his action figures!" The brat explained. "And besides, it weekend! No schol for that day!"

"But Clay---" I interrupted Chris.

"No, it's okay Chris." I looked at Clayton. "Wait for me after six days okay?" He nodded. "Bye, brat." This time I really started to walk away.

I heard the brat shouted before I could enter my car. "See you in six days!"

And the sixth day that we promised to meet, arrived. Right now, the brat was playing with me at my room. We're playing the game that had the characters of our action figures.

"WINNER: RED!" The game's automatic voice echoed my room.

"3 - 1!" I said. I've beaten Clayton for the third time.

"One more round!" He shouted as he grab the controller.

"Wait, let's rest first." I said as I sipped the iced tea that I prepared earlier.

"Eh? I want to play more!"

"Later! Finish your snacks first." I heard him growled before eating the snacks that I also prepared. While we're eating, he spoke.

"Ferret, you said that you completed collecting the action figures of the fourth series of Fighter's Destiny, right?" He asked. Fighter's Destiny is the name of our favorite game.

"Yeah, why?"

"Why can't I see Aslin in your cabinet?" He asked. Aslin was the ice mage he often use as his character.

I frowned. "Really?"

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"Yeah, I checked it earlier."

I frowned then stood up. I go infront of my cabinet. He was indeed right, Aslin was not present on my cabinet. "Eh? Where is it?"

I know I have Aslin in my collection, but where is it? I tried to think where the hell did I put it. Since the fourth series was released few years ago, I can't remember the where I put the action figure. Then, something popped out of my mind.

"I knew it!"


"Clayton, let's go! I think I know where is it."

Clayton willingly come to me. I opened the door of the room where I think Aslin was located. I turned on the light then headed the cabinet beside the television.

"Wow, whose room is this?" Clayton asked as he entered.


"Woah! It's like a mini museum! Too many toys!"

I chuckled. "He's a huge fan of toys. Despite of his age, he still collecting toys until now."

"Really?! That's cool!"

"Sure it is!"

I continued looking for Aslin and I finally found it. "Finally!" I shouted in glee. "Clayton, look!" I called the brat but he was looking at something in his hand. "Brat, here's your Aslin! I was right! Felix took it from me few years ago." I wiped off some dust in Aslin's body.

I was busy wiping dust off the toy when Clayton called me. "Ferret..."


"Who is he?" He said then showed me a picture.

"Oh, that's Felix. The owner of this room." I saw him frowned. "Why? What's the matter?"

"I don't know... But this guy," he pointed Felix. "I always saw him with mama!"

"Huh?" I was confused.

"This guy often come to our house."

I frowned. "Really? As you sure? Weren't you mistaken?" I asked him again.

How come Felix knew Chris? And visiting there house? It's just impossible. As far as I know, Felix never left from Laliola. That's what he always telling us. That he's too busy to visit us. That he can't even leave the city to relax. So how come that Clayton saw him?

"I'm not kidding! I really saw him many times. I can't be mistaken, I always stare at his gold eyes." He said as he pointed Felix eyes. "His eyes is too beautiful!"

I took the photo from his hand. "Then... when was the first time and the last time you saw him?"

"First time? Maybe last year on my mama's birthday!" He said. "The last time... hmm..."

"The last time was...?"

He looked at me the spoke. "The last time was the day you left our house."


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