2 A Norm Day



"Ugh." I half-moaned of the pain of having that damn alarm clock. Grudgingly, I tried to get up from my bed.

Didn't work.

So I decided: "Fuck it, just 5 more minutes," I muttered.

I closed my eyes and let dreamworld take it's place...





"MOTHERFUCKING-!" I lunged at the damn thing.


After destroying the damn alarm clock, reluctantly I woke up feeling pissed. It was an early morning, and I hadn't bothered to get a clock to check the time.

Why? Because I like to sleep!

Hello, yeah my name is Mark. I think you already know that, or not.

That, right there is the destroyed remains of what was once called a clock. Now it's trash. F gave it to me, and I really hate it!

The reason because-


"Fucking BASTARD-"


Finally, it stopped! THIS! THIS IS WHY! Apparently I discovered that the clock is also magical for some goddamn reason! IT FIXES ITSELF! TELEPORTS ANYWHERE NEAR MY BED IF I CHUCK IT AWAY! IT RINGS WHEN I'M SLEEPING! IN THE MORNING!!

"God, I hate you F! WHY DID YOU FUCKING SENT ME THIS SHIT?!" I slammed the clock to the ground, pissed at F's "present". I could hear his fucking giggling in the background.

"Ugh. Fucking troll." I groaned longingly, nurturing my face. I kicked the clock for good measure before running off outside.

I needed fresh air.

Grabbing a cup of coffee, I stared down the sunrise in my balcony. There was no doubt F wanted to make that alarm clock JUST to piss me off. The beautiful sunrise was just a bonus.

I sighed down, stretching my neck as I sipped on my coffee. It was a normal day in Earth, no superpowers or any weird shit today.

I sat down. Recollecting my thoughts with a blank face. Wasn't I going to help some kid or something...?

"Oh yeah... the kid." I remembered. Young, probably attending highschool, he was orphaned at a young age then later adopted by his new, shitty parents. I had to tutor that kid.

Sigh. Why did he pick me...?

Repeated knocks came from the door. "Mr Underwell! I'm here for the tutor lesson!" Speak of the devil. He's here.

Long story short, somehow he blackmailed me to tutor him. I wasn't liking it, but I accepted him under my wing after he was good. He's always so early...

Damn early.

"Fuck off! Why are you so damn early?! It's sunrise, damnit!" I shouted back, walking to the door as I twisted the nob.

He was relatively shorter to normal height sizes for teenagers. Black haired, brown eyed, he was fit and attractive to chicks in his age as he was fucking annoying.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it sir." He shrugged apologetically. I scowled, slamming the door in front of him as a response.

Jesus Christ.

"Ugggggghhhh." I moaned on the couch, questioning why God had decided to pair him up to this annoying child. Said child was innocently grinning and waving a hand at me after he picked my lock.

I threw a pillow at him. He ducked and dodged it behind the door. I grunted, rubbing my temples as he slowly entered the apartment.

"I'm guessing the alarm clock didn't please you as well. How's the morning?" He smirked, and my response was to give him my longest finger at him. He laughed it off before heading towards my kitchen.


"Get off my kitchen, you fucking raccoon! Why do always eat my shit?!" I groaned, not having the will to move. The couch was really comfy. He turned up with a sandwich in hand and casually sat next to me.

I growled, and he had the common sense to back off.

"Because," he scarfed down the sandwich, "-your shit is always good. I can't help it to feel you don't even eat these. You always order online and stuff." He rebutted, and finishing the last of his sandwich.

I glared at the unfazed student who was sitting comfortably in my couch. "I feel like you visit my house just to eat my shit..." I groaned as he chuckled half-heartedly.

"And to visit an old friend. Seriously, you should stop ordering greasy food. It's bad for you." He unpacked his backpack and took out a book. I couldn't care less about my health.

"I literally survived getting poisoned by a King Cobra! Grease and fat burn faster in my bodily system. I don't give a fuck if I start dying from diabetes." I scoffed it off. He let out a snort.

"Diabetes and obesity are two different things." He stated monotonously. I rolled my eyes. Whatever.

"Just shut up... what do you want?" I started, and holy shit there was a whole lot. Maths, English, and lots and lots of homework that every highschool kid would dread to see it.

"No." I immediately responded.

"You didn't even listen to what I was going to say!" He yelled. I shook my head with a grimace. Hell no I wasn't doing this.

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"I've been teaching you for 4 fucking years and I hell as know you're shit at catching up in things. I will not do your fucking homework! Do I look like your personal maid?!" I exclaimed.

"PLEASE! At least help me! I can't finish all of this on my own when I have a couple days left! You know I'm capable of getting A's in all of these subjects! You taught me that! And I don't know if I could finish all of this in a matter of days!" He begged. I bit my lips and thought about it.

It was true. I taught him everything that he needed in highschool so he wouldn't have to bother me again. And yet, it wasn't his fault that he had to stick with me for 4 years, but it was the school he was attending in.

And his school was bullshit.

"What kind of school allows shitty teachers that are clearly biased towards you?! Just fucking leave! Why are you still in that fucking school?!" I shouted. The books that he brought were near impossible for an average highschool student would solve.

"My 'parents' would sic on me for leaving any school. They don't care if the school's shitty or not, they just tell me to look good so they would brag about having the 'elite alpha son' that gets straight A's in their dispossal!" He complained.

Fucking hell... his parents were basically the Dudley family. I'm not even joking.

I let out a deep breath. "There's only one way to sort things out..." I menacingly rolled out the cabinets to take out my shotgun. My trusty-rusty boomstick for solving everything!

"No, no, no, NO, NO, NONONO-" He snatched it away from my hands, to my displeasure, and threw it away.

"Okay, WHY?!" He shouted. I gave him a look.

"Murder is bad! I'd be lying if I didn't want my parents dead, but come on! What am I going to do if my parents are dead?" He exclaimed. I widened my eyes at the realisation.

"You're right. You would automatically leech on to me and that's- Yeah, that's a bad idea. Murder is bad!" I retracted my shotgun back to his annoyance.

"Your thought process is concerning to me. You literally could kill someone with that shotgun..." He grumbled. I rolled my eyes. I couldn't give two shits about doing murder.

"We're getting off-topic here. Will you-"

"I refuse." Fuck off. I don't like paperwork either.

"Oh, come on! Please?! Look, I'll leave you alone, FOREVER, after this is done. I won't visit your apartment ever again until graduation. Deal?" I thought about that for a moment.

Until graduation... He'll leave me alone for... 5 years? That was short.

Looks like I'll have another body in the apartment again...

"You're probably thinking about killing me and hiding my body, aren't you?" He deadpanned.


"Whatever! Look, I'll leave you alone after graduation. I'll just... visit you less. Okay? Like, 1 for every year." Hmm...

"Deal. But you'll be at the mercy of the end of the barrel. Got it?" He rolled his eyes, giving a bird to my face. I smirked. Good, I wasn't going to deal with the kid any longer...

I just had to get it over with...

"Hey, what was your school called again?" I asked. He pondered for a moment before replying. I didn't know what school he was in, because I couldn't be bothered to anything really.

"Oh, it was called Shujin Academy."

"Really. And I'm in Japan." I deadpanned. He raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean? We've always been in Japan, Mark-san." He grinned. I slapped my face.




Fuck my life.