Marionette: Lost Soul
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Marionette: Lost Soul


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What is Marionette: Lost Soul

Marionette: Lost Soul is a popular web novel written by the author WinterOwl21, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, LOVE, MYSTERY, THRILLER, REVENGE, FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY, GHOST, TRUST, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 12.5K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 7 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 5 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Even the purest of angels can be tainted and turn into demons that lurks in the darkest parts of the world. Judgement should not be taken lightly for looks can be deceiving. Keep in mind to better not trust anyone at all... Not even your bestest of friends. "You are trapped under my strings." -K.

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The plot is very interesting. You never know what happens every chapter which makes you want to read more. Very interesting plot. Love the characters and their personalities. Overall, the story is very good and well written.


Latest chapter and I'm full of ants hfdchh SO CUTE AND WHOLESOME I SWEAR THE INTERACTIONS HHDVJUYF I like how you're able to open to our eyes how the world would be if able to interact with supernatural beings and the backstories are great! You could do moreee and also more details is greattt AS LONG as it's relevant to the story omg. Also you could also try adding more details when a character reacts like "he looked away, blushing and hands on his mouth, attempting to hide away the embarassment" and stuff. OVERALL I HOPE TO READ MOREEE


I LOVE this story, it is perfect for people like me who enjoy reading action packed supernatural stories, although I think it needs a bit more work on the description of some things but overall I enjoyed this novel and look forward for more updates.


I love stories with unpredictable twists. Though this trope is a bit cliche for me already, I commend the author for making it fresh. That's talent right there. A little more tweaks and corrections here and there will make this epic. With that said, this story is still worth 5 stars as it is an unforgettable work. Very impressive synopsis as well. It might be short, but it was concise. This has potential :)


Fun! A good adventure/mystery/thriller featuring a duo chasing down souls trying to possess the living and the school life of the kids who interact with them.


Hai! I've read through everything and all I can say is, I AM ENJOYING THE STORY SO FAR! Continue writing! I'll be leaving more reviews soon that are more detailed 👀


It's a nice story. The synopsis is a little short but still good. Your description is also quite good. I really liked it. Hope you will update soon. Keep on writing


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