1 The beginning

Finally, it was the day. The day when I will find myself in a new grade with new friends. As every year, i woke up with excitement burning and raging in my eyes. When the bus rang the horn, I rushed out and bid my farewell to my mom and dad. This was my first time going to the senior wing, so I was quite nervous about it. I was also afraid to see my seniors with their massive body. For me, I was quite tall for my age too, but was more of a bamboo stick. Everyone dissed me on the basis of my skinny-ness. Finally, i was at the school. I rushed out of the bus with other students. I easily found my class though. I sat on a chair at the corner and stared at my colleagues who were smiling and looking at each other. Our class teacher came in the class and we all stood up to bid her good morning. We talked for a while about the new school. She then, decided to take attendence. "John dayle" She announced. "Present miss" was my response. The day was quite exciting, but nothing much better. In the earlier class, i was one of the leading students and the attention grabber of thr class. Unfortunately, i became quite introverted that year. Was it the school? Or was it my thoughts that i had? I significantly, lost my self esteem. I felt quite marginalised every time i saw my classmates cracking jokes and entertaining the class while i could not do nothing but to laugh. By the time, i had developed a peculiar habit of not only reading, but also writing books.