March 2020/1 (BL) English Translation Book

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March 2020/1 (BL) English Translation


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Note: I'm not really that good in English, so please bear with me if I make some grammar issues. Thank you! What if one day... you wake up, and you've found out that the most important person in you life... is now gone? Yes, I know... It hurts and you'd rather die than live without him... But, what if there's a way? A way to change your destiny? Are you ready to face the consequences and gamble your life to save the person you love? This is a story that begins about Jin (21), who receives the news about the sudden death of the most important person in his life, Chris (21). Chris died on March 21, 2021. And since that day, Jin has wanted nothing more than to go back in time so that he can save Chris from his unexpected demise. Using a time machine, a company project that Jin is working on, this will be his way to save Chris. It took 6 years before the the company was able to creat the time machine. Now, everything is set and he is ready to return again on March 21, 2021 to rescue Chris, and afterwards, get back to his current life with Chris being alive. Unexpectedly, its time setting will change. Instead of Jin getting there at the right time and place, his time machine will take him to March 21, 2020, a year before the incident happened. Since he was sent to a wrong timeline, he will try to fix the time set in the time machine and will set it on March 21, 2021. But there is a big problem and this is what Jin is not aware of. He can’t leave because the time machine isn’t there yet at this time. Jin fully imagined that he could take the time machine with him wherever he wanted to go. But, for this case, he can only return once the time machine is rebuilt. Jin will just decide to stay and wait, until he can save Chris from his death. Also, since he is now way older than Chris by this time, and his appearance had also changed, he could not let Chris recognized him or by anyone else. Coincidentally, this will have a huge impact on the present. Also, and he may never be able to go back to his real time. And since he will stay in the year 2020, it is inevitable that he will meet his younger self in the year 2020. He will admit to the young Jin that he is him, but from the future and will ask for his help, but he also cannot say everything that will happen to protect himself. The two will pretend to be siblings, and he will hide as Jon, the older brother of the young Jin. Jin's only purpose is to wait again for the day he can save Chris. But, in the one year he will be staying, he will discover many things about Chris’ death that he did not expect.


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