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MANSLAYER (kol mikaelson)


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manslayer [man-sley-er] noun; a person who kills another human being. Meredith Lester. 900 year old vampire, and the first vampire Kol Mikaelson ever turned. More commonly known as 'The Manslayer'. But, she wasn't only Kol's first sired, she was also his lover. A lover forced to endure the pain when he was daggered constantly by his half brother, Niklaus Mikaelson. Niklaus and Meredith were not the best of friends, considering his constant daggering of her lover. But, when Stefan Salvatore takes Niklaus' coffins, he has no choice but to call in her help in getting them back, knowing that she would be very willing to help him get them back.


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