Mangull the Mangler Book

novel - Fantasy

Mangull the Mangler


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One gull finds himself at the center of a great struggle for control of the Greater Universe. Verbose synopsis: Roughly 3 million years B.M. (Before Mangull), the Greater Universe consisted of the nothing except four 'pools' of mana existing within what is known as the Null Realm. Over time, and for reasons not quite understood by modern sages, these pools began to spew their mana outward into this realm, creating long and branching channels of the four mana types: fire, water, air, and earth. The leading theory by most modern sages is that these channels then began to intermingle, creating complex natural systems and compounds. It is also theorized that at about 2 million B.M. the first sentient being arose from this primordial soup of mana, and that being aided in the creation of the other realms within the Null Realm. Those realms were then populated by gods, who, in turn, populated the realms with lower beings (mortals and 'demi-gods'). During the time of Mangull the Mangler, the power balance of the beings populating the Greater Universe is going through a major shift. Over the eons the various mana pools have waned in power, with some pools nearing their depletion. Still, other pools run strong, and various groups of beings have been vying for control of realms. Enter one simple gull, who, through the interaction of those around him, just may be the variable needed to tip the scales (but in what direction?).