Mana CultivationMana Cultivation

Mana Cultivation

by Aural_Phoenix

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Dungeons, a word that carries infinite possibilities of fame, power and wealth. These spaces that started appearing over 200 years ago have gave hope to many as with them came mana, an energy that flowed in every person, giving birth to new classes and skills that they though only disciplines of the hidden sects had. Xol is a 12-year-old orphan that has worked hard for 6 years in hope of joining the Mana Academy, getting a magic based class and setting forth in exploring the dungeons of the histories he always has loved. Having finally saved for the initial inscription, Xol set off, taking his first step in his adventures. Would he get the magical class he imagined, or would he find a new approach of using mana? First time writing a story of this kind any feedback is appreciated

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