33 Beginning of Main Tournament

"This young master is not planning to lose!" I stared at another idiot, but at least his cultivation is at a respectable level of Eight of Spirit Profound.

He is member of some thunder spear whatever fortress...

"Good then, show me what you can do..." I motioned him with my hand.

Once again it seems I can rile them up quite easily...

The guy pulled out his spear and channelled lightning through it.

He dashed at me, and started doing some quick stabbing techniques, a combo set, with lightning helping along the way, it was quite fast...

It's a pity what he is fighting someone who wields natural lightning from a Profound beast.

Still, at this point, I don't need to reveal it to the public yet, channelling internally is more than enough to see his stabbing move... in slow motion.

First I sidestepped, then I grabbed his spear, and yanked it out of the arena.

The whole thing was so fast that this young master of...some lightning fortress... didn't even understand what happened.

"W-What's going on? where is my spear!?" He quickly looked around, I patted his shoulder, and pointed it outside the arena.

"Since I am not using a weapon so are you..." Hearing that he quickly jumped back and sweat started rolling through his forehead.

His hand quickly moved to his waist and he pulled out some sphere ball thingy.

"Ha! I don't know what trick you used! but this young master can beat you without my spear!"

After saying that he threw it at me, I simply sidestepped, again.

Then, the thing hit the ground some distance away from me... it exploded.

A primitive bomb huh?

The Young Master seeing how I casually dodged, started to get really nervous.

"Do you have any more tricks? or I can finish you off?" I asked him with a raised eyebrow.

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The Young Master face turned red from the rage, its seems my simple insult is far too much for him to take.

"I am Young Master Mu Xiongyi from Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress!" He started channelling thunder through his arms.

"I won't be looked down upon by some nobody!" He charged at me with reckless abandon.

I sighed seeing that, simply intercepted him, by brushing aside one of his arm, then I gut-punched him.


He dropped on his knees and both of his hands we're holding his stomach, both of his eyes were wide and looking about to pop any time.

"You literally ignored our cultivation differences, and tried to fight me head-on... that's just stupid..." While I do that all the time, my fights are never direct like this...

Walking down from my Arena, I saw this Young Master father rushing up to take him down from there, he was radiating his hatred at me.

Another moron who can take defeat properly...

Forgetting about this idiot, I looked at another arena, where I saw Cang Yue wiped the floor with a guy dressed like my last opponent, and he was using primitive firearms, and bombs as well, Cang Yue make short work out of him with simple wind manipulation...

While Fen Juechen destroyed youngest Xiao Sect participant...

With this victory, all three of us are in the main Tournament...

"This is glorious! For the first time! Blue Wind Royal family is in the main tournament!" Qin Wushang said with a massive grin on his face.

"Indeed Senior Qin! And we shall win it all!" Cang Yue said with fire burning in her eyes.

While I simply smiled at her, and my minion smugly grunted in agreement.

After winning our battle we started walking back to our residence.

~~~~~~Xia Qingyue~~~~~~

Xia Qingyue raised her hand and cold wind blasted her opponent from Arena.

Only after hearing that she was declared victorious, did she inspected her own hand.

The speed of her profound energy increased multiple times, the feeling was exhilarating!

Not only that she call feel, that she will have her breakthrough to the next small realm soon as well!

"Qingyue...what happened to you?" Xia Qingyue snapped from her thought as she looked at her master.

"...Nothing master..." Yueli raised her eyebrow at her.

"You are lying... you are not good at it..." Xia Qingyue looked at the ground from shame, as being seen through so easily by her master.

"She got the same thing I have now, Yueli." Chu Yuechan said to her younger sister.

"W-What!" Chu Yueli quickly put her hand on Xia Qingyue shoulder, channelling a little bit of Profound energy into her.

"Heavens...Sister, you are right! but how?" Chu Yuechan snorted at her sister, for not seeing how...

"Question in this situation would be, what did Qingyue paid to get this..." Chu Yuechan looked at Xia Qingyue.

"Qingyue...did you asked...Jian Feng for 'them'?" Chu Yueli asked her disciple, she didn't mention 'Heavenly Gods Spiritual Veins' loudly as it would cause a certain chaos.

"I...I Did asked him for 'them'..." Xia Qingyue said after a few moments of time.

"And what did he asked in turn?" Chu Yuechan asked with closed eyes.

Xia Qingyue didn't say anything for some time.

until she couldn't take it anymore as her sect members we're staring at her.

"...He...wants me in turn..." Chu Yueli gasped, so were the other two participating girls, only Chu Yuechan wasn't too surprised.

"T-This...Qingyue do you even understand what you did! you are the Young Misstress of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace! you just can't!..." Chu Yueli quickly looked around if no one is listening in...

"Sell yourself like this!" Chu Yueli hissed at her.

"But you want that power, don't you?" Chu Yuechan asked.

"I...wish to reach realm above Sovereign Profound, and so far...in my whole life, I only met a single person who knows about them..." Xia Qingyue didn't need to finish, as Chu Yuechan nodded in turn knowing who it is.

"Qingyue...you know full well you breaking rules of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace!" Chu Yueli hissed at her disciple again.

Xia Qingyue said nothing, instead she was about to walk back to her residence...

But their group got in crossroads with another certain group.

Xia Qingyue eyes widened, a small blush appeared on her cold face, was it from embarrassment? or wasn't from something else? she doesn't know herself.

She pretty much sold herself to him, and yet he didn't do anything to her! it confused her...same time a weird feeling in her stomach slowly started to manifest... A doubt...that... maybe she isn't good enough?!

"Yuechan! it great to see you here! So tell me... did you made your decision?" His voice made all the fairies freeze-up.

Xia Qingyue slowly looked at her Senior Master, who turned stiff like a stone. Just like herself, her senior Master is out of her element!

"I-I" Chu Yuechan doesn't know how to start this kind of conversation, and her actions in front of her sects disciples, as well as her own sister, make her even more embarrassed.

Eventually, she calmed down and opens her mouth.

"Jian Feng before I can give you my answer I need you to speak with my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace Grand Mistress, If you do that then I shall agree immediately!" He raised his eyebrow at her request, while the Princess of Blue Wind looks closely at the Frozen Beauty.

"Hmm, it's acceptable... I always wanted to see your sect, which supposedly made from ice..." He slowly walked toward the group of Frozen Cloud fairies...

The group of Fairies didn't know how to react to him, in normal situation Chu Yueli would have blasted him away, but he is her elder sister husband-to-be! Never before she was in this kind of situation!!!

He walked in front of Chu Yuechan and...touched her cheek, even if her face was veiled no one before in whole Blue Wind did that, there were some onlookers who even saw him do that right now.

Chu Yuechan didn't know what to do... should she blast him away!? But... very next moment he retracted his hand, and The Frozen Beauty had a feeling of a loss...she didn't like it.

After doing that he turned to Xia Qingyue, the girl stiffed when his gaze fallen on her.

"Did you enjoy the upgrade?" she nodded to his question.

"Wonderful...remember our deal..." For a moment he touched Xia Qingyue cheek as well and then started walking away, the Heaven Burning clan youngest master quickly caught up to him...

Only Princess and Blue Wind Palace Vice Chief were left behind.

Princess Cang Yue walked towards them. standing only a few metres away from Frozen Cloud fairies.

"Frozen Beauty Chu Yuechan...I approve of you, there are very few women I would approve to be with my beloved...we will have our heart to heart talk soon..." with that she walked away, towards the same direction as Jian Feng.

Xia Qingyue looked at leaving Princess, that weird feeling in her stomach came back with force, Princess Cang Yue mentioned Chu Yuechan, but not her!

~~~~~~Jian Feng~~~~~~

'So we will be going to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, this will be a chance to see if this place in more detail...' I said to my pearl resident.

'I am more interest in what this 'Grand Mistress' wants from you...' Ying'er said in annoyance.

'It should be obvious by now Ying'er... they want to use my power to 'protect' their sect, or to use Chu Yuechan connection to me to improve Sect overall standing...' I said in a bored voice.

'Or both, what you going to do in this case?' The blonde 'goddess' asked me.

'We shall see once we there...' I answered her question, as I returned into our temporary villa.

Few minutes later Cang Yue returns as well, it seems she had few words with Frozen Beauty, it seems she utterly don't care what I got second, or is it, my third woman?

More like she agreed to my choice for having her as my wife as she met 'the standards' whatever that even mean.

Anyway...time to start preparing for the celebration!

Maybe a Pizza!?

~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~

Around 90% of original competitors have left, Only top Sects of Blue Wind have remained, and fighting is switching to the main arena, which is the biggest of them all.

Not only that, the view is best here as well.

So far I showed a bare minimum of my abilities, while most of the competitors already pulled out their weapons, and started throwing their techniques left and right, from my group only my minion revealed his fire manipulation and few extra techniques.

But that is to be expected, he was trained by me to bring despair to his opponents...

And so I was called to stage to face a girl from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

She was twenty years old, and just like the rest of Fairies from that place she was pretty.

"Master Jian, I won't be holding back even If you are engaged to Senior Master Chu" I raised my eyebrow, she actually making this information public?

Then I realised that Chu Yuechan actually has her vindictive streak...

I looked at Ling Yuefeng who looks like someone sucked his soul out...

I looked at the opposite side of the arena and saw Chu Yuechan, her eyes have a certain glee in them, as from time to time she would look at Ling Yuefeng reaction...

While the rest of the stadium?

It was a sh*tstorm...

I could feel countless gazes of hate, with my several times more potent senses it's even more obvious.

"Did you heard what Fairy Shui said!?" One of observers said

"Fairy Chu Is engaged to him!? But it's impossible!!! No one from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace can't marry!" another fool said out loud.

"Impossible! This has to be a trick! Fairy Chu Yuechan would never engage to anyone!!!" Long Yuefeng jumped from his chair as shouted out loud, his wife next to him was like a beacon of jealousy and hate directed at Chu Yuechan.

And now I know why Chu Yuechan did this... as well, she will want me to improve Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace defences after this is over...

That Woman can be cunning when she wants too....

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