39 Fate can neither be changed nor can be controlled.

The facts that Li Xue discovered at Feng Shufen's house has brought her misery. The links that her head was drawing between, can never be true. Though she didn't know who Li Wei's father was, that doesn't mean that she will let her brain take anyone as her father. Her angel was her daughter, the daughter who she has given birth to. No one can come and claim her now.

She has only a little angel with her, who has brought back life to her lifeless soul. There is no way she was going to give her to anyone. At those thoughts of losing her daughter Li Xue's heart was drumming erratically along with the wave of the fear she was feeling inside. Her face turned pale, losing all the color of liveliness from her eyes.

Entering back in their house, the little girl strained her head up to look at her mother. Holding her hands gently, she gave feathery light strokes to her skin. Nothing can hoax her little sharp eyes, especially when something was concerned with her beloved Mama.

"Mama, are you fine? We are home now. You have me with you. Don't be scared anymore", Li Wei who has already sensed the change in her mother's behavior said trying to calm her nerves in the way she found it effective.

Li Xue looked down at her daughter. She knew that her little angel was very sensible and understanding to look through all her expressions. Bending down on her knees to get equal to her little sweet height, she embraced her tightly, letting go all the fears she was holding in her heart. "I know Baby. Since you are with me I am all fine and good. You are my sunlight who has brought back the life and energy needed by my soul"

Getting her little angel in her arms, all her anxious nerves have calmed down. The shiver of fear she was feeling inside her heart normalized. She succored her sacred heart saying all the thing she has realized before was just her mere thinking that has come out of the hallucination.

'Many people around the world looked alike. Not all of them share the same blood. The resemblance between her little angel and man was just because of some weird coincidence. Nothing more than that', she thought internally as she continued to hug her living comforter.

After a good moment of hug, she pulled away and said, "Thank You, sweetheart, for understanding me the best. If I had not got you, then what would have I done in this life". Her lips were curved a little upwards in a cute pout which made the little girl giggle.

Little Li Wei has always found her mother prettiest and the cutest in the whole world. Seeing her right now with such expression has only deepened those thoughts of her. She lifted her hands up to pinch her mother's soft cheeks which were slightly chubby like her. "Mama, you are too cute! How can I not be with you? Even if God has not sent me to you as a gift. I would have run to you on my own. Because I love you the most and you are the best!"

The little girl said and clung to her mother's neck like a koala hugging the tree branch. Her words made Li Xue forget everything from before. A full-hearted smile got her lips covered like the early morning sun, shining in a clean white sky.

She quickly swept her baby girl up and said, "Okay fine I know my girl loves her Mama the most. Now it's already late. Let's go and get fresh, then we will have a quick dinner. Mama has to get early tomorrow and go to work".

"Work?" the little girl was confused. When Li Xue received the call, she was sleeping so she still had no idea about the preponement on her Mama's schedule.

"Hmm. My schedule got preponed. So I have to report there, early in the morning tomorrow. Since I have some work, you can enjoy your time with Aunt Yi Lan. I have talked to her and she is very happy to have you tomorrow all for herself", she said as she carried her inside the room.

Donning with everything the duo did not waste any time and got on the bed to call it a night. At the same time in the other house close to them, someone has already lost his sleep. It was not like he was an early night sleeper but someone has really blown up his comfort and sleep.

He was in his study, trying to focus his mind at the work that was still bunched up on his desk. But every now and then his mind would wriggle with a memory of her soft, beautiful face. No matter how well he tried but that particular face was lingering in front his eyes like it was the only aim and focus of his life.

Feng Shufen felt frustrated at himself when he was not able to control his own thoughts. Slamming the file hard on the table he stood up and went out. It seemed like it was no work for the remaining night. His hard build concentration and focus got shattered in just one meeting like it was the weakest skill he has ever pursued.  

Next morning, Li Xue took her daughter out so that she could drop her off at Feng Yi Lan's place. When she was locking the door of her house, subconsciously, her eyes moved to look at the direction of the house that had almost freaked her out yesterday.

Now thinking about her attitude from the last day, she felt that she had overdone everything. She has just gone to his house to say thank you but the way she exited was like she has seen some horror story coming to life there.

She has long given off the thought she had in her head yesterday. And there will be no way she would be thinking that again. Not even in her rarest dreams. It was the world's most impossible thing to her that could never be true.

For a moment she felt like she should go and apologize to him for her strange behaviour. But then again remembering her own words, she shrugged off her thoughts. She has clearly said, if fate made her cross her paths again with him she would let him feel her sincerity.

At the thought of those words, she no longer wanted to face him as she herself had not understood what his words actually meant. She does not know what he meant when he said, 'Show your sincerity with actions'. His words were so suggestive but at the same time, there is no way she could put her finger on anything.

It was like she was trapped in his net yet she can't call for anyone's help.

Taking her thoughts in that way, Li Xue shook her head and got into the car. She thought that she could control her fate. That she would be successful in avoiding him as long as she wanted but little did she know, once she got into his traps her thoughts would never get free of him.

That now her paths will get destined to cross with his. This is what we call fate. Fate can never be controlled nor can be changed. Some get closer to their fated one from the beginning while some are bound to meet later. And she has got a special case too. The one to whom she was fated was not anyone, but the 'The Feng Shufen'. A person who himself will make sure that she will always be around him.

"Drive!", Feng Shufen who was inside his black Maybach ordered his driver when he saw her car driving off.  All this time he was waiting in his car for her to come out. His lips were curled up to form a sly smirk on his lips. 'We will meet soon no matter how much you try to avoid me', he added in his mind.

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