1 Chapter 1 Malfloy

"Damian" a loud immature voice dripping with arrogance sounded into a boy's ear.

"Give me five more minutes" a boy shouted back in a sleepy voice.

Suddenly a man's shout came to his ears "Damian Malfloy come down this instant or you will be grounded for rest of the time until Hogwarts."

"Well shit!!!" The boy screamed as jumped out of the bed, the very thought of being grounded in this gloomy place made him shudder.

Yes this place was his home but it always felt more like a house.

Damian would rather stay with his friends than be here, where his every action is monitored.

Yes, he always feels that no matter where he is someone is keeping tabs on him, no matter where he is eating, studying, bathing, or even taking a dump he always feels someone is watching him.

Now you might think it is his paranoia but that is not true. You see he is a little different from rest of the kids.

He found out that his physical and mental strength far exceeds the ones of his peers or more likely to says that now it is about three times that of an ordinary person.

His eyesight too is extremely high giving him a clear view of 100 meters ahead of him.

Not only that but it is the case for his hearing too.

But the most important thing is his mind and magic reserves.

He is a born occlumen and a very strong one at that so much so that not even the greatest legilimens could access his memories.

Due this he has got an eidetic memory.

His magical reserves too were rivaling that of a seventh year student of Hogwarts.

All this could very well make him a genius but he hides all of this from the family because he knows that if he shows his brilliance the family would definitely try to teach him dark arts like his brother but to him they were disgusting things, they maybe powerful but that power's price is not worth it.


Damian's POV

I quickly get up and rushed towards the wardrobe and a frantically began to take out my clothes.

Which were rather simple as they were just a set of jeans and a black shirt.

Yes if you are thinking about why I am wearing muggle clothes than the answer is simple enough.

I FREAKING LOVE THEIR STUFF!!!!!! They too many amazing things out there and it has a smell of freedom and of course the freedom from the freaking robes they are too bloody uncomfortable.

So I am going to just pull a cloak over my casual clothes because you know, no ones gonna know.

I look at my self and not to sound narrsistic but I am truly going to be handsome.

I had blonde hair just like the rest of the Malfloys but I was more of a golden blonde than platinum one.

My eyes were cyan blue that had a faint shine in them.

Looking at myself to make sure I was presentable enough I ran out of my room towards the stairs and almost tripped in myself.

Stabilizing myself I ran down the staircase albeit a bit more carefully.

Reaching the bottom I was greeted by the sight of two people dressed in luxurious robes made from acromantula.

They both had an expression that said that everyone is beneath them.

Two of them looked with contempt at my outfit.

But did not say anything as they knew it was futile effort to do so.

"We are going to daigon ally through floo network, to buy your books and to make sell a few things" my father Lucius Malfoy said.

I nodded and walked towards the fire place and took a bit of floo powder.

Throwing it into the lighted fire place in which I am currently standing I yell "Daigon Ally".

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