2 2 - captured

3rd person's pov

In the morning when Jackaline woke up, she was in her room, she was relieved thinking what she saw last night was just a nightmare, however everything became pale when she went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror with red shots all over her clothes. She then quickly came out to get another wanting to believe that the red stains on her clothes were just paint or something.

However when she came back into her bedroom, there was a creaking sound from her doorway, she quickly changed and walked towards the door.

Peeping her head out but seeing no one at the corridors, she walked out of her bed room and went down the stairs.

She then approaches the kitchen conjoined with the living room, 'is there anyone there... mom...dad?'

But there was no replies, at this point jackaline was desperate and worried that something might have happened.

she took a deep breath, her heart speeding up, she walked towards the door, and slowly opened it.

The bright light of the sun shot in and into her eyes blinding her for a few seconds. As soon as jackaline adjusted to the brightness, she walked out into the front yard of the healing moon pack.

She ran towards the forest focusing on thinking what she would be doing today, but then she heard a splashing noise as if standing within a puddle of water, as she looked down, she saw instead of the blue clean water, it was replaced with red darkening blood.

Jackaline felt nauseous and paled, she then focused on her surroundings and realised a few feet away from the pack house towards the villa, there was more blood, she walked towards it and found many people laying on the floor, lifeless.

Jackaline wanted to believe they were only playing her, but reality is always much more crueler, 'wake up!' But there was no reply, Jackaline kept on shaking but to no avail, 'it's not funny, wake up!'

They're dead Jackaline, they won't wake up, stop it and get a hold of yourself.

'no that's not true...the...they're just playing'

Sophie whimpered and said nothing more and kept silence.

Jackaline looked around and saw her dad, she approached him and attempted to wake him up, but to no avail, he was still laying on the floor, as she shakes her dad even harder, a head rolled out, as Jackaline looked at it, everything came back to her.

Her dad was dead, the black wolf with dark red eyes killed him, before she did anything, she looked around for her mother and sister, and there was a small baby hidden underneath a tree, as she approached, she reached out, but there was blood all over the cloth, as she opened it, her sister was already dead. But she cannot find her mother, but she knows she is not here or else Jackaline can feel her presence, but the most worrying thing for Jackaline is that she does not know if her mother is still alive.

Jackaline was frozen at her spot, she didn't know what to do and more what to think of her current state. She is now left alone, but still she may be in more shock if she knew this was foreseen by her parents that one day, Jackaline would be left alone in this world to fend for herself as the previous premonition shows that Jackaline has a long and challenging journey both filled with danger and betrayal but something she has to go through to find her destiny which is way bigger and can shake the world.

It has been a few hours since Jackaline was frozen, staring out into the dead bodies surrounding her, there was also the 40 brown wolves she seen yesterday surrounding her father's body, but she wondered who would've killed them, would it have been the black wolf but them again they are in the same team, so it's unlikely, but the only surviving wolf there was just him and her, she knew it wasn't her as she was too small and her dad was already dead by then, she decided not to think of it anymore.

She looked towards the sky, it was getting dark, the sun is setting but then there was a bright light coming behind the clouds, there stood both her mother and father along with her baby sister in between the arms of her mother who smiled at Jackaline and said the only word 'survive' before they went into the light.

And that is when she realised she is truly alone in this world, she knows that it may be better off if her parents don't suffer anymore and thought that they would be in a better place.

She cried out in her agonising pain that she has kept for hours and despite she was in the verge of collapsing, her mind wandered to the last words her parents has said to her, 'survive'.

After she wiped her tears away and cleaned herself, she stood up on her 2 feet and decided the last wish her parents want, she has to fulfil.

She went back into her house and into her room, took all the things she needs including some food, water and clothes and wiped herself clean with a new pair of clothes, she then headed out covering her scent.

She ran towards the meadow and into the cave where she usually hides which is hard to find by outsiders and even by members of the healer moon pack, this is the place where Jackaline always goes when hiding or if something was on her mind.

But she didn't know this cage was unique, it can hide the scent of anyone inside it and it can camouflage itself so no one can find it but most of all, this cave can move to wherever it wants as he was an earth spirit who has taken a liking to Jackaline but kept it a secret that he is more than just a cave.

As Jackaline was inside, she looked around the surroundings to ensure nothing was there she transformed into her wolf form to keep herself warm and slept until the morning sun hit her.

As the sun rises, jackaline also wakes up and decided to train in order to get stronger and after a week by herself in the meadow, her rations was running out so she decided to go on a journey outside the healer moon territory.

When Jackaline has prepared everything, she decided to walk in her human form to not attract any attention as she knew that wolves are meant to be 16 in order to receive their wolf, but Jackaline's case was unique.

In order to keep herself safe, she has to hide this secret.

Thus she walked out the meadow and into the forest.

40 minutes later

There was a snap of a twig which caught Jackaline's attention and immediately she turned around and went into a defensive stance.

She looked around but there was nothing but trees so she sniffed the air and smelt some wolves, but none with evil intent.

'Come out I know you are there'

But still there was nothing

'Fine, I'll be on my way'

'Wait' a woman said walking out behind a tree

Before I could answer I saw a wolf jumping in my direction, I immediately dodged and kicked them in the place that would hurt a male wolf the most.

He collapsed on the floor and a few more wolves attacked.

5 minutes later

6 wolves down on the floor, Jackaline use the same method as she did to defeat the first wolf on the others.

One thing for sure, some wolves just never learn when to quit.

As Jackaline finished, the woman approached her alongside 2 more men behind her

'Don't worry, we won't harm you' the woman said softly.

Jackaline looked at her eyes and knew she won't harm her so Jackaline lowered her arms but still kept alert and looked towards the 2 boys behind the woman.

'Stand down' the woman commanded.

And as ordered the men furthered their distance from Jackaline and the woman

'Hi, my name is Emily, what is yours' Emily smiled

Jackaline didn't reply, she didn't know if she can trust anyone and more specifically whether she can trust Emily.

So Jackaline kept quite, Emily looked at her and stood up walking towards the 6 men laying on the floor, waking them up and signalled me to go with her.

Since Jackaline has no where to go anyways so she followed Emily into her pack.

And that is when Jackaline meets the alpha (Reece).

'who are you, what is your name and why are you in my territory?' Jackaline said nothing as if she was mute not because she was scared, but because she didn't want anyone to know of her birth.

The Luna (Lyla) came in and saw the poor 5 year old Jackaline disguised in male clothing kneeling on the floor, she hit Reece on the head and angrily shouted 'he is a child, be nice, I thought I told you not to use your alpha tone on young children, you'll scare him away!' As the alpha looked away, the Luna walked over towards Jackaline.

The Luna then approached jackaline and gave her a warm smile and pulling her hand to tell her to follow. Jackaline took the signal and follows the Luna into another room whilst glancing at the alpha who was not that happy.

Jackaline was given some new clothes to change into after washing.

Despite the Luna insisting for someone to help Jackaline bathe, Jackaline didn't want anyone to know her identity and refused the Luna's kindness politely.

'The towels would be on the rack, take your time and i'll ask someone to bring some food up for you when you are ready and I would be back soon' the luna smiled.

5 minutes later, the Luna was outside the alpha's office and knocked...

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