Male Luna?Male Luna?

Male Luna?

by Zhen0214

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Since Jackaline Moon was born, she was special, she has the most brightest blue and green eyes with a speck of purple in each to show her superiority above her kind. She was trained since birth to learn the ways of self-defence and healing within the healer moon pack. She was originally born as an alpha's daughter until her dad was demoted to beta and his brother took over his pack. At the age of 5, she got her wolf but at the same time, her whole pack was cruelly slaughtered, and her parents including her baby sister was killed by a black red eyed wolf right in front of her eyes until she fainted. When she awoken from her nightmare which was actually reality, she became cold and distant. She was then taken in by the neighbouring pack and was trained hard everyday until she fainted in order to get revenge. But when she began to open up to the pack 2 years later, both the alpha and Luna along with the whole pack was killed except for her and Emily (the best warrior in the pack also her trainer). By the age of 14 another tragedy began, by this point Jack (Jackaline's nickname) has become the blood knight warrior. By the age of 16, she goes to college disguised as a male. And meets new people that may or may not change her life. Alice is the alpha of the Blood Moon pack, the most powerful pack in England at the turning of age (20) he comes back to his pack to take over and meets his mate. But unexpectedly, it was a male. Would he reject Jack or accept him? What would happen to these two and what journey would they experience. Please read on to find out. This is the first book I’ve written and I know there would be some grammar and spelling mistakes present but I hope you would enjoy it. Thank you.

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