2 "Go To Harry Potter World"

Cecily didn't stop trembling even after she answered. The girl just swallowed softly while staring at the red board. 

[...you don't look enthusiastic.] The board flipped its body as if shaking its head. 

Cecily felt like dying already. 

'Who in the right mind will happily answer this when they don't even know what's going on with this fcking board?!' 

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"I'm sorry I just woke up. I'm not that energised yet." Cecily smiled apologetically. 

The board fell silent at Cecily's words. It didn't change the words on its body until 3 seconds passed by. 

[Alright. I forgive your lack of energy. So, you admit that you want to be the best makeup artist in this era, right?] 

"Yes, that's right." Cecily nodded. She peeked out of her blanket before hiding again. 

I won't ask how this board knows I want to be a makeup artist, but maybe I shouldn't ask. What if it can read my mind? 

[I understand that you want to be the best makeup artist in this era. If that's the case, will you sign a contract with me?] 

"No," Cecily answered short and fast. She didn't even give a chance for the board to say anything. 

[...insolent. Cecily Florence. Do you think the contract I offered to you is a negotiation?!] The board shook hard, and something suddenly struck Cecily's mind. 

"Ah!!!" Cecily shrieked in pain. She clenched her head hard and rolled on her bed. 

It hurts...it hurts!! 

A thousand needles seemed to prick her mind, and slowly but surely, a symbol was engraved in her consciousness. 

It was the symbol of a makeup brush and lipstick. 

"What...what is this..?" Cecily groaned as she closed her eyes tightly. Fear slowly crept into her heart. The girl's body shivered non-stop, and sweat dripped down her forehead. 

What's going on? Why is this board so dangerous? What did it do? 

[I see that you are still confused. Earthlings, this is a mutual contract between me, a great being and you, a mere ant.] The board started to approach Cecily, and a smile was drawn on its surface. 

[Don't worry. You are the chosen one for the beauty agent. Rejoice, lowly earthling, as I, the greater existence, choose you to represent our department.] 

"De...part..ment?" Cecily's mind spun around. She couldn't understand a single word that the board said, but there's one thing she knew. 

The pain in her mind, it was the result of the contract's seal. 

[Yes, department. Well, you will be in the beauty department. How is it? For a lowly being like you to be picked as an agent. Shouldn't you thank us?] 

...agent? Department? What the fck? Am I getting a job all out of a sudden?! 

[Job? Ho, you can say it like that. But well, your job and other earthlings' job is different. You should be grateful that I pick you out of those trash.] 

"Well, thank...you?" Cecily smiled wryly. The pain in her head subsided, yet her confusion grew larger instead. 

[Hm. The contract is made. I shall explain to you the trial to become our official agent.] The board ignored Cecily's confusion and started to blabber. 

[I heard that you are Harry Potter fans, right?] 

"How...do you know?" Cecily's eyes widened in shock. She was about to ask again when she shut her mouth. 

No, no, it's futile to ask. This board can come and go as it pleases. What's the use of asking how it knows about me? I'm sure this board knows myself like the back of its hand. 

Oh. It doesn't have a hand. 

[...what nonsense you are thinking now. Ha. I shall let it pass. Listen here, Cecily Florence, a trainee beauty agent of our 'World Saviours' company.] 

...what the heck is this. World saviours company? Is this a shady business full of delusional people?! 

Thankfully, the board didn't seem to read Cecily's mind and the moment and just kept talking. 

[As a trainee, you need to prove your worth to be accepted as an official agent. I am sent here to be your guide until you pass the test. Get it?] 

"Y-yes, sir…" Cecily gulped. She slowly pushed all her curiosity about this board. 

I don't know a thing about this, but one thing for sure. I was forcefully taken as an employee of an unknown company. Since that company can have this weird existence as a guide, then let's assume that the company isn't normal. 

[Good. I like smart beings. Next, you need to know the content of your test.] The board nodded, slightly folding the edge of its rectangle body. 

"May I know what the test is?" Cecily asked in a formal speech. She used the most polite tone to ask the board, knowing that her fate and life might end in this board's hand. 

[Good question. As you are a beauty agent, and you want to be the best makeup artist in this era, your test will be related to makeup.] 

"I see…" Cecily nodded even though she didn't know a sh*t about what the board was talking about. 

Let's just nod, smile and pretend to understand, just like when you listen to a lecturer's speech. 

[I shall reveal the content of the test now. If you succeed, you will be the best makeup artist in this era. You will gain fame, money, high position, and of course, you will be accepted as our official agent.] 

The board talked long enough before it flashed in white light. The board's shape was now a vertical rectangle when before, it was a horizontal rectangle. 

[Beauty agent trainee (Cecily Florence) official test.] 

[#1. Go to Harry Potter world, and make Voldemort the most handsome character in that world.] 

[#2. Raise Voldemort's positive popularity within the earthling's fans.] 

[Warning. Failure of the test will result in DEATH.] 

Cecily wanted to fake death right away. 


Is this a joke?! I have to go to Harry Potter world and– and what?! In the first place, it's impossible to go to a fictional world!! 

And how the fck– I have to make Voldemort handsome again? 


To be continued….

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