1 Broken Butterflies (Chapter 1)

The air was very still with a comfortable silence. The wind blew leaves wherever it desired on the forest floor, a sky the color of melancholy grey blanketing the earth with its darkness. The silence was lightly shattered by a rustling, sudden prickly sound of ripping paper. Though it was no bird or animal, the sound was still relaxing from how emotionally hollow the surrounding woods were. A little girls' hazel eyes flicker, her sight frantically focusing on a torn page. As she sighed strands of her brown hair delicately lifted from her cheeks. She shifted, resting her back more on the bark of an old tree, her shoes scraping against leaves on the ground. The girl had forgotten how fragile the page of a paper could be. "Like gentle butterfly wings", she said her mind, almost whispering aloud. What good was torn butterfly? She lightly traced her finger along the edges of the ripped page, her touch gentle like a flame desperate to spread along dry grass. She was suddenly pulled from her thoughts when she is approached by another, small girl. She had particular blue eyes, and they seemed to glow as the girls stared at each other. The wind blew and leaves rustled. The blue eyed blonde tilted her head and clenched her jaw, focusing on the broken page the brunette held.

"What are you doing?" The blonde asked. The brunette blinked, swallowing thickly before biting her lip in thought. She looked at the torn page, then back at the blonde, who was still waiting for a response. The question had no actual sharp interest, but more of a dull curiosity.

"I'm going to fix something.." she responded quietly. The blond hummed.

"Fix what?" she was quick to ask. After being lost in her thoughts once more, the brunette shook her head lightly.

"Nothing." Her voice was quieter than before. The blue eyed girl slightly pouted, unsatisfied. She tucked her hair behind her ear and leaned on one leg. Before she could ask another question, the brunette looked up at her, holding the broken page tight.

"Just a broken butterfly." She said, her voice still small. This made the blond think, she suddenly sat directly in front of the other girl, not bothering to move the sticks or leaves below her.

"You can't do that." She replied. Their eyes locked once more. The brunette shrugged.

"You still got to try."

After a few moments, the brunette smiled. The wind still blew, and the sky began to darken. The brunette's words rang through the blond's head. And even if they didn't know much about each other, the blond was already quite fond of this other girl.

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