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Majikku Magic (BL)


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(Boy love novel, may not be suitable for all ages) The Tempest, a storm of unknown origin, destroyed 70% of the world. Majikku, is magic energy left by the tempest. In this new world mages are real and so are monsters. Volume 1: Cody & Connor Cody lives an average life, but may be more than he seems. Connor is a rich guy obsessed with basketball. Can these two end up together in a world where humans may be more dangerous than the monsters? Volume 2: Jay & James Jay wants to be the best of the best in combat. Fighting monsters is his passion. Only one problem his magic element is classified as the weakest for combat. James has a crush on his childhood friend and has never been good at expressing his emotions. What if he loses his best friend over it? Volume 3: Kip & Kyle Kyle is a famous sky majikku healer. Kip is a non-element null user. They live in different realms and the first meeting is a clash of attitudes. Can they manage to get together? (Each volume is set in same world but different characters (Collection of short stories))


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