4 Ravenclaw Tower

As they scrambled through the large door, they found themselves inside the Ravenclaw Common room. A larger circular room with two floors. On the top floor were graceful arched windows that punctuated the walls which were hung with blue and bronze silks and a midnight blue carpet covered in stars, which was reflected onto the domed ceiling. One of the airiest rooms in the whole of Hogwarts. With a spectacular view onto the Hogwarts school grounds including the Forbidden Forest, the Great Lake, the Herbology Greenhouses, and the Quidditch Pitch.

The room was furnished with blue tables, chairs, and a divan. Next to the stairs leading up to the dormitories stood a tall statue of Rowena Ravenclaw made of white marble. On the wall hung moving portraits of famous Ravenclaws. The common room was furnished with Bookshelves on the Walls of the bottom floor, their own library. Two staircases were leading upward on each side of the Marble Statue of Rowena Ravenclaw besides the Bookshelves.

Lisa directed them to the middle of the Common Room and continued to explain: "Welcome to the Ravenclaw Common Room. The probably most practical one of all Houses. We have our own Libary which is managed by our head of House Professor Flitwick. The Library has a collection of books that are useful to expand and deepen the knowledge of the school curriculum. Beginning from the far right we have the Books for the first years to the far left where it ends with books for the seventh year. Additionally on the last shelf are Professor Flitwick's personal recommendations. Every Saturday from next week onwards will be a study group for younger students. Where older students help the younger with the curriculum. It's a tradition that Ravenclaws have the best grades in their year which we try to continue with these study sessions."

After Lisa explained to us the Libary System and Study sessions she continued to show us the rest of the Common Room: "The Left Staircase leads to the Girls sleeping dorm. The Stairs are enchanted to allow no boy to climb the Stairs. The Staircase on the Right leads to the Boy Dorms. Your trunks are already in your Rooms which are marked. Before you go to sleep remember tomorrow at breakfast Professor Flitwick will distribute the Course Schedules for this Year. Also if you have any questions you can come to me or any other Prefect we will help you. Professor also has speaking hours which will be marked down in your Schedule. His Office is on the Seventh Floor inside the West Tower. Well time to finish this Tour. Any Questions? No? Then have a good night everyone."

There were 8 first-year Ravenclaws this year. Four girls and four boys, I am probably still part of the Generation whose numbers got affected by the first Wizarding War. The number of Children should have gone down during the war because of their fear. We split into two even groups separated by gender and started to climb the stairs into our respective sleeping Dorms. At the Top was a long Corridor with Doors from both sides. On the first left side door was written in Bronce colored letters First-year Dorm.

"This seems to be our bedroom. Let's enter it." Said one blond-haired boy whose name I still didn't know as he opened the door.

Inside the room were four beds with a similar look and layout as the beds inside the Gryffindor bedrooms from the movies. Just the color scheme was blue and bronze instead of red and gold. Before the beds lay their four trunks. As he walked to his assigned bed where his trunk was placed he decided to break the Ice and Introduce himself.

"Hey, nice to meet you guys. My name is Matthew Mason. How about you guys?" he asked with a smile on his face as he looked at the others.

The other three occupants looked at each other before the dark-haired Roger Davies replied: "Hi, Roger Davies." Next, the Blonde-haired boy happily started to introduce himself: "Hello my name is Harold Dingle. Nice to meet you all!"

Lastly, the only remaining one a slightly chubby dark-haired boy started to introduce himself slightly nervously as three pairs of eyes stared at him: "H-Hello I am Blake Moore."

Roger Davies continued: "Nice to meet you guys! I am from Liverpool where are you from?"

"I am living in London," I replied

Blake also answered:" I am also from London."

Lastly, Harold answered: "I am from Newport in Wales."

And so they chatted with each other and started to befriend each other. Roger talked about his plans to join the Quidditch team next year and how disappointed he is that he couldn't join this year. Harold talked about his fascination for magical creatures since he also is a muggle-born. Blake and I mostly listened to them with a few comments in between. Until it became quite late and dark outside.

"I am sure all of us are quite tired after the long journey and the sorting, and I would very much like to sleep since I plan to explore the castle tomorrow after breakfast before classes start on Monday. So let us continue to chat tomorrow and get some rest for today."

"Sure. Seems to be a good idea. Although I will first explore the Ravenclaw's Tower library first thing in the morning. So good night fellas!" Replied Harold

"Good Night!"

Matthew moved himself to his new bed and closed the dark-blue curtains behind him. While laying down he started to mentally communicate with his AI Chip.

'AI Chip, how is the progress in analyzing the magical force?'

[Enough data collected! Should I complete the analysis and display the new status? Please Confirm!]

'Yes, Proceed!'

[Beep! Finishing analysis and calculating new Status! 15%— 40%… 80%%…. Analysis Complete!. Displaying Status.] [Matthew Mason. Strength: 0.5, Agility: 0.7, Vitality: 0.6, magical Energy: 2.1, Status: Healthy no Injuries detected.]

'How does my magical Energy compare to the other students? And what about the Teachers?' He mentally asked.

[An average first-year student has a magical Energy Value of 2.0. 1.0 is the base value of a squib who doesn't seem to have the ability to manipulate magical energy but still can sense it. It's Constantly rising through the nourishment of the dense ambient energy of the Castle. While it seems that the nourishment gets weaker the older and more powerful you get. More research is recommended. The average seventh-year student has a magical Energy Value of 85.0.] [The Teacher's energy Value wasn't quantifiable since their magical energy was different in quality and density. Albus Dumbledore had the densest energy. His was even different from the others. Which suggests that there are different levels to accomplish. in the future. Further research required!]

'Hmm, interesting. We will definitely research it in the future. For now, start another task, we will tomorrow cartograph the castle and its immediate grounds and create a mental map. So I won't get lost in the future.'

[Task started! Current Estimated Progress 3%.]

'Well, it's time to finish the day and spend my first night inside the wizarding world.# he thought as he closed his eyes and fell asleep to the steady sleeping noises of his roommates while wondering what the future would hold for him.


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