6 Library, Come and go Room, and first Magic

Sunday, 3rd September 1989

Awoken by the AI Chip at 6 am Matthew got ready and off to breakfast while his roommates were still asleep. After enjoying his early breakfast in an almost empty hall with very few other students that already were awake, he left the hall to explore the outskirts of the Castle to complete his rough mental map of Hogwarts. Luckily it was a slightly cold but sunny fall day. After exploring the great Lake, Herbology Green Houses, Quidditch Pitch, and Hagrids Hut his map was more or less complete. Over the years he would add all the secret passages in and outside the castle and later on he will explore the Forbidden Forest. But first of all, he needs the ability to defend himself or entering the forest as a first-year student who barely knows to shoot colored sparks would be suicide.

After stopping in the kitchen for a quick Lunch, Matthew made himself on the way to the first floor through the Great Staircase. His next stop was the Hogwarts Library which is located in the training grounds tower on the first floor accessed through the library corridor.

The Library contained tens of thousands of books on thousands of shelves. Included in its many sections is an Invisibility Section, a section with information about dragons, and a Restricted Section at the back, set off with a rope. The Librarian was Irma Pince she was highly possessive and protective of the school's books and was deemed highly unpleasant by most of the student body. According to her a signed note from a teacher is required to peruse the restricted section of the library or being an OWL Student; it contains books of Dark Magic only used by older students studying advanced Defence Against the Dark Arts and different kinds of advanced but more dangerous Subjects. Although there was a time the section was open to all students and even contained very dark Subjects like Horcruxes.

For now, the restricted Section didn't matter to Matthew. The public part of the library contained more than enough books for the next year. After all, unlike in Warlock of the Magnus World, there was no method to download the knowledge directly. He needs to read every book fully to add the knowledge into his database. Unlike the other students, he just needs to read them once, and with the help of the AI Chip, he comprehends the whole book word for word.

So he started to research the core subjects for the next few hours, especially potions. Potions was one of the most important subjects for him at the moment. It was his way to raise funds in the immediate future through improved potions and most importantly he could find a way to further increase his magical energy value. If a potion like this existed it would be family magic, no potion master was foolish enough to release a valuable recipe that increases the power of the user directly, probably only powerful and old pureblood families would have some, but with the AI Chip, it was possible to find one.

~ Scene Break ~

For the next few hours, Matthew increased the theoretical knowledge inside his database, although theory is important in the end only if you could apply the knowledge someone would be powerful. So it was time to check out his practice room. The most useful room in the entire castle.

After arriving on the seventh floor Matthew entered the left side corridor and stopped before the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy attempting to teach trolls ballet. On the opposite wall of the tapestry was the hidden entrance into the room of requirements also called the come and go room. To open the room someone needs to walk past it three times while thinking what is needed and a door will appear.

Matthew checked if someone was inside the corridor and started to walk three times before the wall with the entrance, ' I want to understand how the room works, I want to understand how the room works, I want to understand how the room works.'

While passing the wall for the third time a dark door appeared on the wall. Matthew entered the room for the first time. Inside he found a comfy armchair before a fireplace with a table beside it. Located on the table was an old blue book with the title "Manual of the Room of Requirement by Rowena Ravenclaw". Placing himself comfortably on the armchair he started to read.

In Summary, the Room of requirements was created by Rowena Ravenclaw, the other founders assisted her with their magic in the final creation step. It's one of the Wizarding Worlds' greatest masterpieces of runes and enchantments up to this day. The room is controlled by a semi-conscious existence integrated into the magic of Hogwarts.

The general rules are: It can store and summon objects, also it can conjure simple objects like furniture or tools inside the room. Also, it can create a copy of any information inside the Castle's Wards like books or notes. It isn't able to summon anything the exists outside of the room and anything conjured inside can't pass through the door. Only things stored inside of the Room can be taken out again. There can be no knowledge shown that isn't located inside of the wards. So the room won't have a solution for everything.

The Room can only be entered by passing the entrance three times and thinking of the user's wish while no one is inside. While using the room it adapts to the wishes of the User. If someone is inside the room he can create alternate entrances inside the wards and near the wards approximately in the range of Hogsmeade. The User can also create temporary entrances that vanish after a week if he didn't enter the room. No entrance can be created inside the common rooms, sleeping rooms, or private Quarters of the Professor. While inside the User can prevent others from entering the room.

"Damn that's fucking useful. So I have no problem accessing the restricted section inside the library or even the books Professor Dumbledore removed from there if they are still inside his office. I should still try to gain legal access to the restricted section and study in the library so nobody would get suspicious of my knowledge. It doesn't matter which version of Dumbledore I have to handle here evil or good. The last thing I need is him monitoring me because he believes I am similar to Tom Riddle in his youth."

"Time to try some magic." While thinking, ' I need a target to practice magic.' A practice dummy materialized on one side of the room.

Taking out his Wand Matthew communicated with the AI Chip, "AI chip record and analyze the process and changes of my body while casting magic."

"Flipendo", he yelled while waving his wand with the correct wand movements aimed at the dummy. The Dummy got hit by a yellow-white light and knocked back a bit.

[Beep! Wand movement should be corrected by 8 degrees to cast the spell perfectly. The spell used 0.06 units of magical energy inside the host's body. This amount of energy is regenerated after less than one minute. The analysis of the host's body's magical energy movement shows that while using a wand the magic starts to move in a specific pattern through the body guided by the wand and becomes a bit more inflexible. Recommended action would be mastering the spell without a wand first before practicing too often with a wand. By learning spells only through wand usage magic casters would mostly lose the ability to cast wandless. While first practicing wandless would prevent this side effect and also improve the power and control of spells with a wand.]

"It seems a wand is a useful tool but by only learning to cast with it, it becomes a crutch and weakens the Spellcaster in the long run." So Matthew put his wand back into his pocket and tried to cast the spell wandless "Flipendo!" And… nothing happened.

[Host didn't try to move his magic through his hand. The host is recommended to close his eyes and concentrate on moving his magic through his Hand while casting the spell, The AI Chip will assist with this step until the host can grasp the feeling.]

Matthew tried again to cast the spell while trying to feel and move his magic, "Flipendo!"

A faint yellow-white light impacted the dummy and pushed it slightly away, "Yes I can cast wandless magic! Although with assistance."

[0.2 units of magical energy used. The host can cast another 9 times before he needs to rest for a few minutes.]

Matthew spends the rest of the evening practicing different kinds of first-year spells wandless. After a while, the Ai Chip stopped assisting him because he grasped the concept of feeling and controlling his magic. The spells he practiced were colored sparks, the wand lighting and Wand-Extinguishing charm, the unlocking charm, the knockback jinx, and the levitation charm.

Time to try with a wand again, "Flipendo!" he yelled while guiding the magical energy through his body. A powerful yellow-white light hit the dummy and threw it against a wall.

"Amazing!" Yelled Matthew while trying the different spells in different intensities.

[Beep! Problem Solved! Guiding hosts magic himself prevents the side effect of losing the ability to cast magic wandless. The more hosts control improves the less magical energy is used. At the moment the spell uses on average 0.04 degrees with a wand and 0.09 degrees without a wand. ]


So Occlumency. Last Chapter someone wanted our MC to rush into the ROR (what he still did cause he had no reason not to use the room) and master Occlumency. I have two possible answers for that. Well, also a third but I won't give that since it would just plainly Spoil the story.

1. Isn't it boring to read the same thing again and again, maybe with a slight variation? Yeah, congrats you can skip number 2 and continue reading.

2. You want to know more? Well, read at your own risk. Maybe slightly SPOILER (maybe?) even if I don't try to spoil it. SO (maybe?) SPOILER START The MC is at the moment a regular Muggleborn student who can protect his memories with the AI Chip by encrypting them. So his memories are safe. Why? Will be explained in the future so keep reading. No reason to learn Occlúmency. Why put a target on himself by learning to protect his mind but everyone who tries to read it knows it. He could be seen as a possible dark lord. And I also have plans for Occlumency. For now, his mind is protected so he doesn't need Occlumency. As for more power in the AI Chip? He is just a first year. What is there to learn at the moment that puts the chip on to its limits? The story is just starting. Don't like it? Though luck. But for this Story I am the One Above All. END SPOILER


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