18 Hogwarts Shopping

Dear Matthew Mason,

Please be reminded that you must board the Hogwarts Express as usual from King's Cross Plattform 9 3/4 for prompt departure on September 1st at 11.00 am.

Second Year Students will require:

1. The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2 by Miranda Goshawk

2. Tactical Defensive Magic, by Percival Graves

3. Lexica Botania, by Anthony Ludgate

…in addition to your standard magic equipment, as required in your first year. If you want to join your House team a personal broom would be recommended although you can participate in the tryouts with a school broom.

We look forward to receiving you at Hogwarts next year.

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

Professor McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts

"Mooom, my Hogwarts Shopping list came.", shouted Matthew as he walked downstairs.

"Well, then it's time to visit Diagon Alley again. Do you want me to come with you? I won't be able to bring you till next week since I am on Emergency duty at the Hospital for the rest of the week." replied his mother Anna.

"No, I can finish it myself just need a bit of money to exchange. The list is not so long, only 3 new books and I need to restock some Ingredients and writing utensils.", replied Matthew.

"Ok, here take 250 pounds. This should be enough for your shopping this year. You can keep the rest." Said his mother as she gave him a few bills from her wallet.

"Thanks, Mom. I also should have a bit of money in my Vault from potions sales last month. I will visit the Alley this weekend.", explained Matthew as he put the money in his pocket.

Saturday, 4th August 1990

After a half an hour morning walk, Matthew arrived at the leaky Cauldron. This time around the Cauldron was definitely busier than the last time. Some customers were present, but mostly families with other Hogwarts Students.

He entered the Alley through the entrance at the back of the Cauldron while greeting Tom in passing. The Alley like the Cauldron is also filled with life. First, he headed down the alley until he arrived at the large white Marble building, which was the wizarding Bank. He passed the Goblin Guards and entered the Bank where he approached a regular counter, "Greetings Teller Bogrod", he began.

"Welcome Wizard, what do you need of Gringotts today?" grunted the Goblin Bogrod.

"I would like to exchange some pounds into Wizarding Currency and also to visit my Vault. Vault 1218." Explained Matthew politely.

"We can complete the Exchange here. How much do you need to exchange Wizard? The rate is 5 British Pounds to 1 Galleon. The yearly exchange limit is 1000 pounds per Witch or Wizard." Asked Bogrod.

"I would like to exchange the full 1000 pounds.", asked Matthew while taking the money out of his pocket. He added 750 pounds from the money he took away from the gang last month. And handed over to the grumpy goblin.

"Here are your 200 Galleons Wizard. As for the second piece of Business. Do you have your Key?" asked Bogrod in a typical goblin-like way.

"Yes here." Replied Matthew as he took his key out of his pocket.

"Good." Sneered Borgrod and ringed a bell, "Griphook will guide you to your vault.", He explained and turned to the approaching Goblin called Griphook. They communícated in a combination of grunts and growls before Griphook turned to Matthew.

"Follow me, Wizard." Said Griphook as he walked in direction of the Vault tunnel and the right side of the bank hall. They entered into the tunnel system, dimly lit with torches, as they approached a cart at the end of the tunnel. After they climbed into the Cart, Griphook warned, "Hold tight Wizard, our carts are fast.", as he started to maneuver the Cart.

The Cart quickly drove through the vast, complex, and intersected system of tracks. Deeper and deeper under earth until they abruptly stopped at a row of Vaults.

"Follow me, Wizard." Ordered Griphook as they climbed out of the cart and approached a Vault at the left end of the tunnel. "Vault 1218. Key?", asked Griphook.

Matthew handed his Key over and Griphook opened the Vault with it. The Vault door opened and a small mountain of Galleons appeared inside. These were the first earnings of his Potion Deal with Slughorn. "How much do I have inside my Vault?", he asked the goblin.

"Current Balance of your Vault is 126 Galleons, 9 Sickles, and 4 Knuts." Explained Griphook as Matthew cleared the Contents of his Vault into his Trunk.

After finishing his Business they returned to the Surface and Matthew left the Bank. His next stop was Flourish and Blotts Bookshop which was filled with Hogwarts students. He decided now isn't the time for Book shopping, he directly approached the counter, "Hello I would like to purchase a set of Hogwarts second year books.", he told the shopkeeper.

Taking out a book package from a shelf behind the counter the shopkeeper replied, "Here you go, the second year set costs 13 Galleons and 2 Sickles."

After paying and putting his books away, he left the store and stopped at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour for a quick Chocolate Mint Ice. Afterward, he headed for Slug & Jiggers Apothecary where he bought the ingredients for this year and restocked his personal stock with his discount. At last, he headed to the Broom store and bought a Nimbus 1999 for a cheap price since the Nimbus 2000 would be released soon.

Now that he completed this year's Hogwarts Shopping trip he headed back to the Leaky Cauldron where he decided to get a nice Lunch from Tom. It was 2 pm already after all. After finishing Lunch he was about to leave the Cauldron as the door opened and Professor McGonagall walked in with a group of new students following her.

"Hello, Professor McGonagall nice to meet you today." He greeted her.

"Good day to you, Mr.Mason. Are you here for your Hogwarts preparations today?", she asked in her typical strict tone.

"Yes, Professor. I just completed them and was about to head home. So are these the new first years?" asked Matthew happily. While looking curiously at the young students.

"Yes, these are this years Muggle-born students. I am currently giving them the introduction you got last year." She answered him and turned to the young students, "This is Matthew Mason. He is one year older than all of you. If you should have troubles at Hogwarts and don't want to ask a Teacher or Prefect, he will be happy to help you. He is the top student of his year.", explained McGonagall to the first-years.

Matthew smiled while he started to introduce himself, "Nice to meet you all. If you have some problems you can visit me. Especially with school work. I am sure Professor McGonagall praised her house to you. But Ravenclaw is the Best House in Hogwarts we even have a Library in the Common Room. Well, now I need to leave. Enjoy your day in Diagon Alley" He explained with a grin while escaping the frowning McGonagall at the end.

He left the Leaky Cauldron and headed in the direction of his home. After enjoying the walk home he spent the rest of the day chilling and chatting with his parents. For the rest of the summer, he returned to his routine. He also checked sports, Martial Arts, and health books out in the public Library his quick reading glasses were a gigantic boon to his efforts, After collecting every book on these topics he let the AI Chip improve his training Routine and also let it create a Martial arts style that fits well with his Magic. It Mainly consisted of Dodging, Defense and gaining enough distance to cast magic safely. He added the Martial arts style to the routine of his summer.

The rest of his summer passed in the blink of an eye as September, 1st approached.


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