9 Flying Lessons and the Letter

On the next day, the AI Chip successfully created an effective workout routine for Matthew which would raise his physical stats equally based on the knowledge about Sport and Fitness he picked up during his past Lifes. From this day on he would every day spend the morning working out for an hour before breakfast and lessons. Starting with a jog around the Black Lake.

Thursday passed without incidents, only noteworthy were the Astronomy lessons at midnight. To Matthew's astonishment, Wizarding Telescopes for centuries completely outclassed non-magical telescopes. With the help of runes and enchantments, Wizards could perceive the Universe on the level of space telescopes like the Hubble telescope of his past world, which would be delivered next year into space if both timelines are similar. Thanks to this advantage, the wizarding world has a superior understanding of the workings of the universe. Unfortunately, they are missing the logical and scientific methods of the non-magical world or there may have been already space wizards. That's probably a side effect of the concept of Magic itself. Most Wizards seem to miss common sense.

On Friday the first-year students have their first flying lessons. The Lessons are held for all four houses together. All of them gathered in the afternoon on the training grounds outside of the Tower where the Library is located. The flying instructor Madame Rolanda Hooch is an elderly woman with spiky gray hair which were cut short and had a piercing, yellow, hawk-like eyes. She wore a white button-down collared shirt and black necktie with the Hogwarts crest, under a cloak.

She prepared a set of ancient and worn-out-looking brooms for the students. By the appearance of Hogwart's supply of flying brooms, it's a wonder if they even could fly. Most of them are the very old model named 'Shooting Star' which was released in 1955 by the Univeral Brooms Ltd.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Everyone stand by a broomstick. Come on, hurry up." Exclaimed Madam Hooch impatiently.

Like in the Harry Potter books we were shown how to summon the broomstick into our hands. According to madame Hooch, it's the traditional way to test the enchantments of the broom. Matthew always believed that wizards were just too lazy to pick their broom up, but it actually had safety reasons which are a bit contradictory, since the school brooms they use only react after a few tries.

Afterward, they were taught how to sit on their broom correctly and were allowed to take off for the first time. No matter his safety concerns about his broom, Matthew felt flying was a wonderful feeling. He remembered that Voldemort and Snape could fly without brooms and decided to learn that in the future even If he had to capture and interrogate one of them at some point. But he probably could solve that himself.

The lessons ended with an introduction to the basic flying techniques and a small race between the students. Their goal was to completely circle the castle once. Unfortunately his talent in flying on a broom was just average and he only ended up somewhere in the upper-middle rankings. While Roger tied with Adrian Pucey from Slytherin for the first place. This was to be expected since they would both join their respective House teams in the future, at least in the books. His placement didn't matter to him since he doesn't have an interest in Quidditch and didn't plan to join the team. He still would buy his own broom next year but just to enjoy flying and to study the enchantments.

~ Scene Break ~

After flying lessons, their school day finished with another hour of Herbology where nothing of interest happened. Next, he left his year mates for the Room of Requirements where he would spend the rest of the Weekend practicing Magic. Instead of only acquiring first-year spells which he could practice extensively in lessons, he started to branch out more. He learned his first few Spells which were useful in combat like the disarming charm 'Expelliarmus', a lower version of the shield charm 'protego' with the incantation 'scutum' and the stunning spell 'stupefy'. The spells were very taxing on his first-year magic reserves since they are only taught in higher years for reasons. But according to the AI Chips observations, the more magic is used the stronger the natural growth of a person's mystical energy reserves becomes. The comparison to a muscle isn't so wrong.

During his breaks between spell practice sessions where he replenishes his energy reserves he completed his homework for the week and wrote a letter for his parents:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I finally completed my first week of classes at Hogwarts, the classes are very interesting. For example, Professor McGonagall is one of the few people in Europe who mastered a magical skill called animagus transformation. She can turn into a cat which she used on the first day of her class to impress the other students. My head of house is a half-goblin. He is very short (He has to stand on a pile of books in class) but a nice and competent teacher. He even was a dueling champion in the past. Most of my Teachers are nice, but some are very strict. Like Professor Snape, but I believe I am one of the few students he maybe likes since I am a natural talent in potion and brewed a perfect cure for boils in our first lesson.

Currently, I am in all of my classes top of the class, which I plan to keep up. After talking with the older students in my house especially the other students of non-magical origin I concluded that the wizarding world is still stuck in the middle ages and bigoted against anything non-magical the word muggle used for non_magical people just proves how it's integrated into Britain magical society. Although the professors are against prejudices and bigotry it is taught to many students at home. Especially the so-called Purebloods fear the non-magical since the witch hunts which turned over the centuries into disdain and hate. I even had an altercation with one of them this week because of his jealousy. My older Housemates recommended I continue my non-magical education. Apparently, it is hard for many 'muggle-borns to get a good job after graduation. So I hope you could set up everything for me so I can continue my formal school education from here and take the necessary tests during summer break. Please Owl me the necessary books so I can start my self-studies as soon as possible.

Also, I decided would like to stay over the winter holidays this year because I would like to witness how Christmas or Yule (That's what is celebrated in the magical world) is celebrated.

I hope bothof you are well.

Sincerely your son

Matthew Mason

Ps. An owl seems to be a useful pet.

Shortly before dinner he finished his practice Session for today and stopped by the Owlery to send his letter with one of the school owls, his parents could reply with the same owl. At the Great Hall, he joined his friends for dinner and spent the rest of the day in the common room with them.

For the next few weeks, Matthew would fall into an idle routine of Workout before breakfast, attending classes, studying the books in the library, and practicing in the room of requirements. Although these weeks were exhausting he made impressive progress and won a ton of house points which earned him the respect of his housemates.


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