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Caldessia is a continent full of insane people, places, and abilities. Nations are constantly at each other's throats, and the citizens live an eventful day-to-day life. In the midst of this hot-pot, Dionysus lives. A man who made a bar out of a previously-existing dungeon, he's one of the few people with peace in life. One day, it all wasn't enough for him, but his greed threw him into the middle of the insanity, and there's no way.

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Yo, author of this novel here. This review is gonna be a bit less about the novel, but more about my small amount of works, career if you'd call it, leading up to this point. Before this novel existed, The Roamer and Intuitions of War existed for me. I poured so much effort into both of them, but rereading them made me upset with myself, and that was because seeing what they were made me disappointed with my lack of skill in the writing category. It felt like I dedicated a lot to them, but I just wasn't up to the task back then. Of course, that's not to say I'm quite up to the task now, as I'm no perfect being. However, there was also an issue with me previously. I ended up dropping The Roamer because of my disappointment with it, and then I wrote Intuitions of War, which also ended up getting dropped because I lost motivation. However, I betrayed the few, few amount of readers I had. I know that what I wrote was utter trash in my mind, but it could've been something that someone was interested in. I've had it happen to me too, you know? I'd just be reading a really good novel, and then I'd reach the point where the author decided to drop it, and I'd be really pissed with them. I know that I didn't have many people that wanted to read my novels, but to those that did want to read them, I sincerely apologize. As for Magnum Deliritas, I really want to finish it, no matter what comes. I really am refusing to lose faith in this chance that has been granted to me, and I want to run all the way to the final chapter with it. To those that would decide to read this novel, that belongs to a complete ******* of a writer, I thank you sincerely. It may be small amounts, but I can see myself constantly improving and adding onto the little amount of skills I have, adding more and more onto them. Also, please don't be afraid or too nice to leave critique about this thing. While it certainly would be nice to have a novel where everyone loves it and hate is nowhere to be seen, I'm living in reality. I'm not perfect, not in the least bit. So please, if you see issues, drop them in a comment. I'd be more than willing to learn from all of you. Hell, I'd love to have debates in the comment sections of this little novel of mine. Thank you for reading my review :)


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