1 Zero’s

"It's uncouth, forcing a mage to wield a sword"

Short yet powerful. It was indeed a remarkable quote that burnt the passion of a teenage kid.

Behind this phrase revolves around a sense of skills, experience

And talent

But, for those who had thrived hard, talentless

What would their outcome reveal?

Loud banging noises resides inside a small apartment. It was enough to make someone hover in fear; followed by a piercing voice from an old man

"What are you doing, you worthless brat"

The aged man wearing a ragged black suit and tie

was pointing his finger towards a young kid who's being held by his mum, embracing, afraid from the burning anger of the man in front of him

"leave my house or I'll kill you both"

He's the main head of the family, yet, he never treated his son and wife the love that they deserved. They were continuously beaten up due to the accumulation of stress he had been, whilst the ridiculously amount of alcohol he had drunk.

Nevertheless, it was truly a cruel experience for an 8-year-old child.

"Daddy, don't hurt mummy. She hadn't done anything wrong"

The brave little kid stood in front of her mother, escaping her brace. He knew he had enough from what's happening. He didn't care about his life anymore nor his surroundings but to protect his mother from the danger away from his father is his priority

"Don't hurt her"

Pleaded the kid. He wasn't strong. He wasn't big. But he was brave

from the adult's stature, he was a mere ant in front of him. He knew too well that he couldn't oppose his dad's anger. That's why he needed to jump into action or else someone might get hurt, and the victim would be his mother.


His father took the umbrella that was closest to his reach. He began breaking things around him to instill dominance to the mother and his son. He didn't care more or less for his mind is getting hazier because of the alcohol.

In one fell swoop, he raised his weapon and was ready to hit the mother's head when suddenly


The young boy grabs the leg of the man and kicks his testicles which made the father dropped his weapon and fell on the floor


Like someone who had been k.o. from a boxing fight in a sports tournament, the father was out cold, sleeping soundly, despite the wreckage he did earlier.

The little boy stared at his dad, seemingly satisfied for their madness has been over

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"I-is he still... alive?"

The mother asked his son. Although she was scared of his husband, she was still worried for he is the legal father of the kid in front of her

"Ye-yeah, mum. I think so"

Shivering, but his grip tighten up for he knew that he had done the right thing

"Wha-what are we going to do now?"

Asked the mother as she slowly stood up. Holding on to whatever's near.

She sat on the chair and rested her head on the palms of her hand

"We need to leave, mum. I know our life's gonna be hard but we need to endure it. We don't have a lot of money but I'll think about something"

The kid faintly smiled. The mother saw his gaze. It wasn't the peer of a kid having fun but a glare of achieving something. The eyes of determination, the eyes of matureness


While the father was sleeping soundly, unbeknownst from what was happening around him

Both the mother and her child packed their valuables and decided to leave


4 years later.

"Mum, I'm off to school"

Zero shouted from the door, putting his shoes on while chewing some loaf of bread

"Geez, Zero. You're late on your first day in school"

His mum said while washing the plates that they had used during breakfast

"I know mum, this time I gotta go. Bye"

Zero ran towards his mum and gave a quick kiss on her cheek

"Are you sure you're okay going out by yourself? I could come along with you, you know"

With a worried expression, she fixes her son's uniform and pats Zero's head, ruining his hair.

Zero's uniform comprises a white polo that was made from cotton, an azure-colored blazer made from worsted wool that matches up with his white sleeves which gives a vibrant cool feeling of elegance in the audience eyes, and a matching peacock colored slacks that pairs up the whole attire. lastly, his leather shoes dyed in obsidian black brings the most of his courtly feat.

"I'm okay mum, don't treat me like a kid. I'm a high school student after all"

Zero took his bag and hurriedly dashed towards the street.

He raised his hand as if his arm's body language was saying goodbye, making his image slowly fades from his mother's sight.

They were living in a small apartment right across Saffron street. It wasn't the busiest, but there were a lot of cars coming from here and there.

It's a two-story building which had a lot of features; a kitchen, garage, living room, terrace, and two master's bedroom. It also has its backyard.

"Maybe i should go make a garden filled with vegetables and all sorts of fruits. Will they even sell, though?"

Zero's mind started to wander off like a businessman hunting for customers. They have an ample amount of money to spend, but he knew it wasn't enough to gain a facile life. He wishes for a simple youth, surrounded by expensive ornaments, a sports car, and even a mansion to cover up his dreams. But, every man's reverie has a price to pay.

They were living in an apartment for four years straight and had become their humble abode due to months of paying bills, gaining the property for their own.

His mother, Zenith, works for a company as a call center agent. Zenith usually works at night and comes home early in the morning. She earned a day off just for today to see her son off on his first day of school.

Zero has been walking for 15 minutes just before he had left his apartment.

"Take a left towards Saffron street ... walk straight... then I'll see a tall building and.... that should probably it?"

He is holding a phone, staring blankly at the map he had downloaded just before he rushed over on the streets. Quartette of crickets could be heard chiming near the trees, grade-schoolers with their maids or aunts ware buzzing down the pedestrian road; accompanied by grown-ups who were wearing suits alongside their briefcase, holding out their phones signifies that today will be a busy day.

Before reaching Zero's school, he needed to walk pass a supermarket, take a right turn, and straight; starting from his home.

The sun is shining radiantly, the weather's calm, indeed

It is the start of his day


"Guess I'm jinxing things again"

Zero doesn't believe in any superstitions except for himself. He finds myths and legends interesting though, as he thought those genres are similar to the literature today.

following the map that her mother had provided, he finally reached his destination.

"Warford's university, huh. It's huge, isn't it?"

Zero mumbles with himself. He's usually calm in terms of hiding his emotions but he couldn't hide the fact that this school is gigantic.

"They may even have their swimming pool, I guess?"

As he smirked in front of the huge gate right across his school.

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