1 Prologue: 1


I grew up with stories of princesses being protected by knights in shining armor. When the evil came they would strike them down, when the monsters came they would be rescued. They found their happiness in the end but my story. Mine is of nightmares, the princess is captured, my knight is dead and the monsters surround me.

You see my brother was my knight, my protector, my greatest idol. I called him a knight because he discovered what I now know as the Meta Gene. His body became this strange metal that made him indestructible. So I saw him as this unbeatable knight that'd protect me. But I just had to have discovered my Meta Gene as well. I was so young and stupid. Having no control of the power I wielded, made for a dangerous situation, and with a power like mine when fully understood when creating a stepping stone between dimensions meant.

My luck had finally ran out, the evil came to take me. My stepping discs opened a pathway to limbo, he was waiting for me, it seems that I am intrinsically linked to limbo as I had opened multiple pathways there, and he took notice; Belasco. Peter my ever diligent protector came to my rescue, he dived straight into hell for me. I didn't even know what happened to my parents. So when Belasco saw my brother he aimed his magic spells at him, so when I saw the armor forming on my brother and him shrugging of anything thrown at him, I was ecstatic. So the demon called all the other monsters to stop him. But they all bounced of him and was squashed under foot, at that moment he was truly UNSTOPPABLE.

But that damned demon used mental magics to cast doubt, sow unease, waited for his will to flicker, and when it did, when my brothers armor faded away, Belasco stuck. He killed my brother before my eyes, and I watched as the rest of the monster, those demons tore his flesh apart and his body feasted upon. His last shrill scream was of my name, his little snowflake, "ILLYANA!" I still hear it to this day. It is and forever will be the greatest sin I brought upon him.

It was then Belasco performed a ritual on me, when my soul was at its weakest and my will to live all but gone. He corrupted my soul, turned me into a demon, at Will I could transform. I'd gain; hooves for feet similar to a satyr, claws for hands, a tail resembling the one of modern sucubi, and horns so great they extended a foot above my head. He had succeeded in creating his weapon.

But my new demonic instincts had transformed my sadness and grief into hatred and wrath. So when I stuck him, he knew he couldn't control me. I would never be controlled again, NO I could never be controlled. I acted on instincts, cancelling the magic he threw at me and fought him claw to hand, and with the demons that surrounded us sensing Belasco's weakness, they waited to see if I'd dethrone their king. He did probably what I'd do, throw the monster in a hole that it should never be able to claw out from, and that's what he did. Opened a portal to a sub realm of limbo that housed The Hoards of Gehenna; an endless wave after wave of demons that sought nothing but destruction, where they fight, kill die and repeat.

There is where I learned.