181 Yona makes a promise

Yona takes the tray up to Crystals room. His heart swells as he looks as this precious bundle of joy. Her face is flushed from the fever. Sitting the tray down he sits on the side of her bed. Feeling her forehead she is cool to touch now though her hair is wet from sweating. Leaning down he kisses her forehead. Whispering 

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"I love you my baby girl." She opens her eyes to look at him. She whimpers and wraps her arms tightly around his neck. Crystal begins to sob her whole body is shaking from her cries. Yona tightens his arms around her and sits her on his lap. Cradling her tears in his eyes . 

"Hey,What's wrong ? I'm here don't worry " rocking her till she starts to calm down. Yona closes his eyes and thanks God for this little one. Crystal kisses Yona's cheek and places her hands on each side of his face looking at him . Her expression is one he hadn't seen from her before. His heart lurches as he gazes at her.

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