150 Yona leaves for Japan

Yona goes to Remi's room early the next morning . He has to leave for the airport and wants to see her before Astila takes him. Sitting in the side of her bed he stares at the woman he likes. Thinking how strong she is for surviving through so much. Wanting nothing more than to stay beside her. He goes to lean down to give her a kiss on the forehead. When her head moves so their mouths meet instead. Remi laces her arms around his neck and brings him closer to her. Yona wraps his arms around her and pulls her tightly to him pulling her across his lap while gently inserting his tongue opening her lips to caress hers. Yona gently placed kisses along her neck stoping where he can fell her heart beating. He licks and gently sucks on her neck. Feeling her heart beat in his mouth. Remi gets goosebumps along her body sparking her desire to a new level. Biting his shoulder and licking where she bit . Yona takes a deep breath and settles her head on his shoulder. 

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