171 Yona asks For Remi’s hand

Onacona calls Yona 

"Yona we need to have a family meeting . Maureen says there is something evil coming for Remi. I think I may know what it is but am not sure . We need to see you guys tonight Crystal can stay here and we can talk after she goes to bed." Not waiting for an answer Onacona hangs up. Yona sits silently for awhile just wondering if the evil that he spoke about is the darkness he has been feeling. Remi comes out of the bar smiling at the fact that he stayed and waited for her. Hugging him before getting into the car. When they are on their way to Aisling's for dinner Yona asks her. 

"What are your plans for tomorrow afternoon?" She thinks for a moment and says.

"Nothing except finishing up the bar why?" 

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"I asked John to perform a handfasting ceremony for us at the bar tomorrow afternoon around dinner time. He agreed so now I just need you to agree." 

Remi hits him in the arm causing him to swerve in the road. He looks at her darkly. 

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