86 Yona’s first night

After everyone that was not staying at the house left Astila and Salali sit on the balcony with Yona. Ready to answer any questions he has.

"So Bro, while it's quiet, is there anything you want to know?" Astila looks up at the sky waiting for the million questions he must have.

"Well, I'm trying to think of where to start. I am confused by a number of things. Let's start with why is she obsessed with closets?" Looking at his siblings his curiosity has been getting the better of him. Ever since she mentioned them.

"I looked in the one in my room I saw nothing special about it." Salali starts laughing and stands up.

"That is because you are looking in the wrong place. How would you like us to show you?" He sees the excitement in his sister's face so he stands up and looks at his brother. Astila just looks at them.

"Out of everything you could ask you are wondering about the closets? Ok, we will show you the one in your room."

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