87 Yona’s first night 2

Astila goes to his walk-in closet and opens the floor. Telling Steve and Yona to come down. Yona comes down the few steps and is amazed that it's a room large enough for them to stand. Looking around he sees the bottles of alcohol. All from pre-prohibition. He lets out a low whistle.

"Ah, Bro is this stuff legal?" Looking at the mason jars of moonshine. Astila chuckles.

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"Not sure it's been down here since before my time. Our uncle was a shiner and used to run shine from here to Georgia. The Scotch is in the back. There are a few bottles of brandy and whiskey also. I know we have some champagne from World War One down here somewhere. My grandfather brought it back from France when he came home. " Steve explains, Yona is looking around when his eyes fall on Onacona's things. Touching them reverently he feels the softness of the buckskin. Astila watches his brother look at the items.

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