195 Wrapping up

Yona talks to the prosecutors to do the detectives about Eva. Yona is positive she knew nothing about Grove's illegal dealings. The prosecutor told him that Eva's parents bought the house right out and never transferred the title. So Eva has no worries over the place. The business assets will be frozen until they examine the books. Yona knows that Aisling and Audis won't allow her to do without anything needed. Marshal gives Eva a call to let her know what is happening. 

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"Hey, cousin, I am just calling you to let you know that I beat your husband and put him in the hospital. He will be going straight to jail out of the hospital. I also smashed the girlfriend's face when she tried to flirt with me. She looked like a snake in my eyes. I'm afraid that the company assets are going to be frozen for a while. " Marshal hears Eva sigh through the phone. 

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