248 Woya

Woya watches her son's sleep; they have grown so much. that if she had not been told who they were, she would not have recognized them. 

Astila wakes first, jumping up when his mother is not on the sofa. Looking around, he sees her. Smiling at her, he holds his breath, hoping she is alright now. 

"Mother, good morning; how are you feeling this morning?" Astila asks anxiously. 

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"I'm confused, to say the least. I don't understand why I am in a stranger's home and not in my room. I don't understand why I feel like a fog has gone and that I have forgotten many things. Anyway, I want to go back where I am comfortable, not in strangers gone around people I do not know. " her tone is gruff and irritated. The same as every time they have visited her. She has not come back to them. Astila sadly looks at Yona and wakes him up. 

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