259 Woya’s past

Everyone was tired when they arrived back in Tennessee, so they went to Steve and HeJin's for a rest before going to Onacona's to see Woya. Yona checked the cameras and Woya was still sleeping so they were confident that she would sleep till they were able to rest. The twins didn't want to wait to see their grandmother so they decided to try to dream walk. When trying to enter Woya's dreams they were stopped by a barrier. Confused Lotus woke up and went to find her mother. Aisling was meditating on the balcony. Knowing not to disturb her she sat on the swing waiting for her to finish. 

Aisling is sitting next to Morrigan enjoying the peacefulness of the garden. She came here so she could ask her about her mother in law. 

"What exactly am I to do? Whatever I do it may alert Uzil." Aisling asks Morrigan. Morrigan answers her with a question. 

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