260 Woya’s past2

Since Woya agreed to allow Aisling and the others to help Astila put the sedative away. Once the spell is ready to cast Yona Astila Aisling and Woya takes their places in the living room. Aisling begins the spell. The four of them fall into a deep sleep and are in Woya's past as a child. She is in the meadow by her childhood home . A man comes up to her and is asking her giving her something. 

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aisking walks closer and sees it's the hair comb she always wears. Looking at the man Aisling notices his ice blue eyes are shinning brightly like lights. The man has very pale skin and stark black hair. He is taller than most men. Woya follows him as if she is in a trance past the meadow and into the forest. There waiting for her is a group of men all similar in coloring and stature as the first. The one who seems to be in charge comes over and places his hands on her head then on her stomach. They hear him say . 

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