103 Winter solstice

After the wedding, Aisling family all left with Sam and Debra. Aisling told Sam to help Debra and uncle john with decorating for Christmas. She told them even if she wasn't able to be there for Christmas she still wanted the traditions to be carried out. For Aisling, it's bittersweet to send her family away but she has a new family she must learn about as well.

Astila reminds her that they will be going back in a few days if she is up to it.

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The day of the winter solstice arrives. It's time for her to give Onacona's things back during the ceremony. They get everything packed and head to the ceremony site.

Once there she sees Moll and Maureen. The three hug each other and go find Inola.

"Inola I brought the items I am to return what do I do with them now?" He waves a few of the young boys over. He tells them to find his nephew and get what he has.

Inola explains to her what will take place.

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