104 Winter solstice 2

After the feast they prepared their prayers of gratitude. They write their prayers and blessing of the year inside the paper they roll sweets and sage as offerings to be burned in the scared fire by the medicine man. Placing them in the offering basket they sing and pray while Onacona placers the packets into the fire. As they burn he says a prayer of thanks.

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"We thank the Great one above for his eternal blessing and love. We thank Mother Earth for her bounty that nourishes us . We ask that the sorrows of the past are forgiven and forgotten. That we may have prosperity and grace in the new year to come. Amen"

When it is done now it is time for storytelling. This is a time for stories of old.

The Chief stands and tells everyone they have a special treat. That a Astila's wife is going to tell a story about her family.

Aisling looks at Onacona and begins her story.

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