215 William’s baptism

Maureen starts to plan the baptism with HeJin and Aisling. While Onacona Steve and Astila finish with the gazebo and getting the yard ready for the baptism party. Steve is walking to the creek when he sees Crystal pouting. Going over he sneaks up on her and tries to scare her, she just gives him an agitated look . Sitting down beside her he asks her 

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"Hey imp what is wrong , why are you sitting here by yourself?" She shrugs her shoulders and sighs. 

"well that doesn't sound to good, come on tell your Cookie what's wrong?" He urged her to talk to him. 

" I am upset because I wasn't able to help you when you were sick. I wanted to but couldn't , you needed William not me. Now he is going to be your Godson and I'm not needed." Steve ruffles her hair and tells her. 

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