216 William’s baptism 2

On the seventh day after William's birth Inola set up the ceremony of naming for William. He made a small fire by the waterfall at the creek. The family gathered and William was dressed in the clothes Salali had made for him. Yona had Salali and Randy on face time do she could watch. Inola takes the baby from Maureen and begins to chant while waving William through the smoke of the fire. Passing him through the smoke four times , he then takes the baby and wades into the water immersing William seven times when he brings the baby back out of the water he announces his name . 

"Today I introduce you to William Wohali, May he be blessed with a long abundant life." They head back to the house to get changed for his church baptism and dedication. Crystal tugs at Inola's leg wanting to ask him. 

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"Uncle will the baby my mommy and Yona will have need to go through a naming ceremony to?" Inola tweeks her nose and tells her

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