214 Welcome William Wohali

Maureen is taken to the delivery room, Onacona's face is pale as he watched his wife in pain. Holding her tightly he hums the safe song to her to help calm her. Aisling has given him some lavender oil to help calm her. Rubbing her wrist with the oil helps Maureen relax between contractions. Moll talks soothingly to Maureen encouraging her when it came time to push. 

in the waiting room everyone has gathered to wait for the baby. Steve's senses are on overload and it feels like his skin is crawling.looking at Aisling he tells her. 

"I can't breathe in here ;there are too many people. I can't leave either what if something happens to MoMo. I would never be able to forgive myself if anything bad happened to her because I didn't get her here in time. " 

Aisling takes his hand and rubs lavender oil on his wrist while telling him. 

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