247 Valac punishment

Astila and Yona arrive at the nursing home to pick up their mom. She does not want to go with them out of not knowing who they are or their intentions. When they finally get her to come with them she becomes sullen and quiet. Yona is not liking what is going to take place but the Father has commanded what they are to do. Arriving at Onacona's house John and Onacona are there waiting with the father.As soon as they enter the room with the father Astila's mom begins to experience pain, she begins to move around the room unable to be still. The Father touches her forehead and she falls to the floor. There standing is the demon, his expression angry glaring at the Father. 

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"You dare to glare at me. You who has disobeyed every command that I have made. You shall be banished to the void as punishment. You will no longer exist in any realm or time, you shall be no more Valac." The father commanded the demon. 

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