267 Uzil comes to visit 2

Uktena stands and tells his brother. 

"I will go inside and let you talk with Woya, be honest with her and allow yourself to show her what you feel." Hugging his brother Uktena returns inside. Woya smiles at Uktena as they pass each other. Going out with Moll and Maureen Woya sits on the porch with Uzil. Uzil stands when he sees the ladies come out on the porch. His heart is pounding and his hands are sweating. Thinking to himself "what is wrong with me, why am it so nervous?" When the ladies sit he sits and just gazed at Woya. Even in aging she has remained beautiful. He still sees the young girl that he watched so long ago. Woya speaks to him for the first time. 

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"I hope you don't mind but I am not comfortable talking to you alone. I brought the two I am most comfortable with ." Woya looks scared so Uzil just smiles and nods st her. They sit in silence for a time and Moll decides to ask Uzil a question to get the conversation started. 

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