105 Uktena

Aisling is looking at Uktena wondering why he took her. They are on a ridge on top of the mountain. He motions for her to follow him. Walking closely behind him he brings her to a cavern. There is a pool inside that is completely reflective like a mirror.

" I brought you here because you need to see yourself only then can you return my crystal. "

Aisling looks at him confused. Not knowing what he is asking.

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"You have amazing power and a kind heart. You have done some great things in your short life . The one thing you have not done is accept yourself. Others cannot accept you if you do not accept yourself. I want you to look at the pool and truly see who you are. Tell me who you see?"

Aisling looks into the pool there she sees her parents and her ancestors behind them. Looking at him

" I see my parents and the rest of my ancestors. I see my face but not just my face. I already know that I am all of these. So what am I missing?"

He looks at her and smiles .

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