91 Twins in danger

Astila places Aisling on the bed she is burning up with fever. He looks at Moll trying to hold back the tears. Moll gets her phone from the her poket calling an ambulance. Then calls the hospital to tell them what test she needs run. Looking at Astila she pulls him aside. .

"I'm hoping it's just a cold and the stress of today's events. There is crackling in her lungs and her lips are over dry. " looking at him knowing that he knows what her fear is. He nods and goes down stairs to inform everyone.

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When he gets down stairs everyone is in the living room except Debra and Salali. He calls for them.

"There is an ambulance on the way for Aisling. Moll and I both think she may have Pneumonia. Her fever is high and she is starting to become dehydrated. She wasn't sympathetic at the hospital the other day but is now. " Looking at the three that were plotting against her his anger comes through his voice.

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