225 Twins homecoming

Aisling was more than ready to come home after two days. So Moll checked her out early by a day. Astila warmed her that there was going to be an overflowing house when they got home . That everyone was waiting to visit with the babies and to find out what they were going to call them. Aisling thought a long time about the girls names and she decided that their nicknames would still be Lotus and Lili . As they approached the house Aisling started to get nervous hoping that everyone will like the girls names. when they arrived the yard was filled with balloons and flowers announcing the arrival of the girls to anyone driving past the house. All along the driveway were pink and white balloons . Aisling smiles and looks at Astila. 

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"Let me guess , this was Dude's and Crystal's doing. " Astila looks at her and grins . 

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