243 Twins challenge

Astila looks around when they come out of the pool. They are still in Tennessee but when is the question. Walking out of the cavern they are standing near the sacred circle. There is Astila's mother there , she is sitting near the circle crying. His father comes up behind her and holds her. Astila goes to talk to them when Lilli stops him. 

"Daddy we are not to interfere but to observe. Remember this is our test not yours. We cannot change their fate but we can maybe give them comfort. If we change something that is fated then we change our present. Let us go and you stay here. " Lilli looks at Lotus and they start to walk towards their grandparents. 

Lilli kneels beside her grandmother. 

"loosing a child must be a hard. I'm sorry that you lost him before you could meet him." Her grandparents look at them . They are surprised because they had not told anyone yet. Lilli takes her grandmother's hand and looks deeply into her eyes. Feeling her loss and pain. 

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