198 Turkey hunt

Audis went to Brayden's room to wake him. Today is his first time going hunting. It's one of the traditions that the family has as a rite of passage. All the men go together for a day of bonding while hunting Easter dinner. Brayden was so excited to go that he slept in his hunting clothes. Audis grins at the boy; He remembers his son's first hunting trips. They were the same way, too excited even to sleep. Audis heard a noise coming from the other room. It's his grandson; he is ready for the hunt. Brayden wakes up and jumps out of bed and puts his boots on, calling out, wait for me. Marshal arrives to pick up Audis and the two boys. Eva already has a picnic basket packed with coffee, hot chocolate, and sandwiches. Eva waves as the four of them drive off. Sighing, she turns to go back to bed. It's not even daylighted yet. 

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