7 Trying to hide

When the team finished for the night they had cleaned out all of the areas that were found inhabited. The bodies were sent to be examined to determine exact time of death and cause. Terry pulled Astila aside to discuss with him about Aisling .

" I am not sure if I should even ask but since you volunteered. Sam and Debra agreed to stay with Aisling for now . I would feel better knowing someone with military training was with her as well. Sam is a great hunter and has some impressive skills with both a gun and a bow. When it comes to knowing if anything is amiss he is clueless. Truthfully I have no idea who we are dealing with. If they have any specialized military training Sam will not be able to do much. So are you willing to stay at Aisling's house for now?" Terry does not want to ask this but since he cannot be there himself the more people to protect her the better.

" I would not have volunteered if I was not serious and willing. You can count on me. Also the commander called he will be here tomorrow. Aisling and I will be picking him up at Dulles at one. I will keep her away from the house for most of the day. That will be a good time to place your cameras. I don't want her to know they are there if possible. It may make her act different that might tip off who is watching her. " Astila hands Terry the flight information. He also hands him a map of possible camera placements . Terry thanks him and takes his leave.

Daniel walks along 340 towards the mountain . His backpack filled with new supplies. He doesn't know what has happened at his hideouts yet. So he is going on his usual routine. The closer he gets to Aisling the more excited he gets. It has been two days since he saw her. Much to long to be away. Though it was unavoidable he had to work the day shift instead of nights. He can't wait to lay his eyes on her. It's Tuesday laundry day she will be outside for most of the day hanging clothes . He will be able to watch her for hours today. Since his shift was changed he actually will be able to sleep in the tree house for the next two days . He won't have to leave her . Hiking through the woods he cuts behind her house and heads straight for the tree house. He climbs up the into the treehouse. He sees everything is gone . His telescope camera . His bedding everything is gone. He wonders who found it. He goes down quickly and heads to the deer stand. It's the same. He begins to panic as he heads to the jailhouse. The door to the jailhouse is broken he knows before going in that everything has been removed. He sits down wondering what happened. He feels the anger rising inside him. How dare anyone touch his things. He wants to kill something anything at Tye is point. He hears a woodpecker in a tree close by. Getting his knife out of his pack. He throws it and the bird falls to the ground. Perfect shot it's barely alive. He squeezes its neck enjoying its struggles to live. When it's dead he pulls the knife from its body and licks the blood from it then from his hands. Making his way back towards Aisling's house he will see if he can figure it out. They all will pay for touching what belongs to him.

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Daniel gets to the edge of the path next to the garden. It looks like no one is home he decides to slip into the barn. There he can stay the night . As long as he slips out before she wakes up. Climbing up into the loft he makes a bed in the sweet smelling hay. He waits for Aisling to come home. It's mid morning so she should not be long. The only time she really goes anywhere is to get groceries or to visit someone in her family. As he sits there he hears a cat meowing. It reminds him of the last time he was in the barn with her. He twisted the neck of her kitten. He hated cats for as long as he could remember. What he hated most was the look on her face when he twisted it neck. She screamed and cried till he was taken away. Once he got home his parents were told what he had done. After her father left he got a beating like never before. That night he slipped into his parents room and slit both their necks. That way they could never touch him again. He had been driving the farm truck on his grandfathers farm for over a year. So he had gotten good at driving .when it was dark he drove his fathers car into the deep lake knowing no one would ever find it. Walking back to the house he gets the skill saw and chops up the bodies. By the morning he had them dropped down the outhouse hole. No one would notice the smell . Dragging the water hose inside he begins cleaning the blood off everything. Lucky for him his parent had concrete floors so clean up was easy. Torching the bed afterwards all traces was gone. Calling his grandfather to pick him up that he was bored at home . Everyone just thought his parents just moved away . His grandfather thought they got high and forgot about him. No one bothered to question him. After all he was only a twelve year old at the time. Daniel drifts off to sleep waiting for Aisling to come home wondering where she was. Little did he know that his life was about to change. His every movement was caught on video . Terry asked the Virginia police to keep watch at the store for just incase he walked passed or came inside. They planted cameras around the house as well as around his hideouts. It won't be long until he is caught.

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