78 Trip home

Astila and Aisling leave Ester's house with mixed feelings. Astila looks at her seeing she is anxious.

"What's wrong you saved them, or are you worried about what happens now?" He has yet to let go of her hand since entering the house.

"I am scared that we won't be together when we get back. I'm scared of what changes were made because of my interference. " she looks at him almost ready to cry. He pulls her into his arms.

"We knew that any changes that we made would effect our future , we will have to have faith that what ever happens we will find each other again . We may get back and very little may have changed. Have faith our love is strong." Kissing her softly they begin to disappear in the past.

Aisling wakes up to get ready for work. She feels like something is missing . Looking around her room nothing has changed. She wonders why she feels like this morning. Going down stairs she hears someone in the kitchen . It's Sam her sisters husband.

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