187 Treasure hunting

Audis wakes to a imp sitting on the side of his bed. Crystal winks at him and kisses his forehead. 

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"My Audis it's time for breakfast , come on lazy bones it's time to get up. " Audis grins he is so happy to be home . Getting up he picks up Crystal and carries her to the kitchen. HeJin and Eva made breakfast and were just waiting for him.  Audis says good morning as he sits in his chair. Crystal takes the seat beside him. She looks at Eva and asks. 

"Auntie Norma gave me a treasure map she said it was your treasure.Would you like to help my Audis and me find it?" Eva looks puzzled what treasure does she need to find. 

"Of course I will help after all it's my treasure. Though I don't remember losing anything. " So they set their plans for the day. Brayden looks a little disheartening as he watches the three of them. Audis notices and asks the boy. 

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