188 Treasure hunting 2

The next morning the treasure hunt was on. Eva was up before anyone and had breakfast ready. Eva heard small feet upstairs and slipped up to see who was awake. Watching quietly by the door she saw Crystal climb onto the bed with Audis. Crystal puts her head on Audis's shoulder and Eva hears her . 

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"Hey my Audis, it's time to get up lazy bones. We got a treasure to find. Come on get up we can't let Eva find it by herself. Hello are you in there?" Eva watched as her dad began to tickle the little imp. Her squeal of laughter rings through the upstairs. Brayden bounds out of his room and heads for her dad's room. Jumping on the bed he joins in on the fun. Audis is laughing and trying to get up but the two kids keep trying to tickle him. 

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