41 Time alone

Astila was looking forward to having the next three days off work. He has three days to spend with Aisling alone. They just waved goodbye to his family now it's just the two of them. Aisling looks a little nervous though not sure why.

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Aisling takes a second to look at Astila. Wondering what he may be thinking. This will be the first time they are going to be completely alone. It surprised her when her uncles informed everyone that her house was off-limits for three days. That after all the recent events that she needed some time. Time to not be responsible for anyone but herself. Now she is nervous that maybe Astila May find out that he doesn't like her as much once they are alone.

"Shall we talk about the other night?" He gives her a look reminding her that they never had that conversation.

"What about it?" She smiles innocently at him as if she had no idea what he was talking about.

"Ok since you don't know then I will refresh your memory. I'm talking about the other night when that grease ball was trying to lay his hands on you. I can accept the fact that in certain environments that you feel free to be a little more uninhibited. I actually had a lot of fun watching you and getting to see that side of you. You will fit in well with a few of my cousins in that respect. I can't wait to see Salali teach you a few of our dances. What I'm asking is that you only go with me from now on. At least until I get to know your friends better and feel like you are truly safe when you are out. I'm not normally a possessive or controlling man. With you, I feel so many new emotions that I can't guarantee that I will not be a jerk at times over you. I'm asking you to be patient with me to let me adjust to these newfound emotions." He takes her hand and kisses it looking at her to see if she is angry again or not.

"Have you not met my family. I have been controlled all of my life. It's only when I go to my cousin's bar that I allow myself to let go and enjoy myself. I wasn't angry the other night. I was worried that you would not like me that I only let loose once in a while. I have always been told that no man would like that side of me except for one night. I never worried about it before until then. Normally Randy and my cousins keep guys like him away. He just waited till he saw Randy be onstage and the others being busy. I also was a little jealous that night I saw what looks you were getting. I wanted to punch Sasha's lights out for even daring to speak to you." She goes up on her tiptoes and gives him a kiss hoping that will end the conversation. She was right Astila pulls her tightly into his arms deepening the kiss . Gently running his tongue across her lips . She opens her mouth slightly darting her tongue out to meet his. Taking it  as a invitation he slips his hands to bottom and pulls her up against him while his tongue sways her like a leaf in the wind. Aisling's feels flushed with wanting and moves her hands under his shirt feeling his heart pound like a drum in his chest. Moving her mouth away slightly he follows her nipping at her lips pressing her against the wall of the house. They stare into each other's eyes for a few moments. Their eyes bright with desire as their breathing heavy. Aisling has no doubt that this man is her destiny. Smiling softly at him she slips his shirt up her pink tongue darts out to lick her lips. Seeing his mouth open slightly at the sight of her tongue she leans foreword slightly flicking his chest with her tongue tasting the saltiness of his skin. A spiral of heat rises through her to settle between her legs. She hears him suck in a breath when she touches him making her bolder. Her hand touches his waist. He lifts her head to look into her eyes. The electricity between the sparking a new wave of heat . He slowly lowers his head taking her mouth again this time more aggressively . A time later they make their way inside the house.

Fixing lunch together laughing and talking about each other's family. Astila telling her what to expect when she visits his home. Before she can say a word about not being able to go. He lets her know everything has been arranged with the family. He only has to have her back before the next school year for her work. After lunch, Aisling gets up to clean the dishes. Astila comes up behind her, moving her hair aside he places his lips on her neck . Kissing her softly making his way to her ear. Softly sucking her lobe into his mouth he breaths softly into her ear. Sending shivers down her spine. Holding her in his arms he turns her around for another kiss. Picking her up he sits her on the table kissing her while his hand finds her breast inside her dress.

"Astila we are in the kitchen anyone can come in." She breathlessly reminds him.

"Aisling my love I want you. I want to kiss every inch of your lush body. " he nips her neck sending shivers of desire through her body. His mouth makes it's way down her till he frees her breast and captures the nipple. Sucking gently as he slips the straps of her dress down exposing the top half of her body. He looks at her full breast. Her nipples teasing him for attention. He lifts her off the table her legs around his waist he carries her upstairs. Going straight to his room laying her on his bed. Slipping the rest of her dress off he stares at the perfection that is her.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Perfect in every way. I love you Aisling. I want you to marry me as soon as possible. I know your family will be angry if they know we are together like this before marriage. I just don't know how long I can wait. I want to wake up with you in the morning. I want your face to be the last thing I see at night. Will you marry me?" Looking up at him with all the love she has Aisling gives him his answer.

"Yes please, I want to be with you for the rest of my life." She reaches for his shirt to undo the buttons. Slipping them open kissing and tasting his skin as she undoes each button. Teasing him with her tongue darting out to lick his warm skin as she goes. When she reaches the last button just above his waist. She opens the button of his jeans and rubs her hand along the bulge in his pants. He groans arching his hips against her hand.

"Aisling if this continues there will be no turning back!" His voice is raspy with desire. Aisling smiles at him as she pushes his pants off. She raises herself up over him her hair like a curtain covering them leaning down she takes his mouth with hers. Her tongue tracing his lips to gain entrance to his. When their tongues meet it's like an explosion of heat and desire. Astila flips her beneath him. Her hips cradling his. He looks into her eyes as his fingers find her most secret place. Gently stretching her to be able to take him. Feeling her tightness he moves slowly. Watching her eyes get big with surprise at the sensation she is feeling when this thumb presses against the small spot. She arches her hips pressing his fingers deeper. He feels the wetness and knows she is ready. Replacing his fingers with the tip of his engorged manhood. He takes her mouth in a passionate kiss as he plunges inside of her. She whimpers slightly as he takes her virginity. He stops to let her get used to his size then slowly begins to move again. It's not but a few seconds and he loses himself in the heat of her passion. After a while when they have come out of the clouds. He raises up on his side to watch her sleep.

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