156 The white chest key

After dinner and Winona is back to herself. The ladies convene in the sitting room. It has had the bed removed and back to normal. Winona looks around not seeing the lady from before. Aisling lets her know she is there she just can no longer see her. They begin to chat about Valentine's Day coming up. 

"I am taking Audis to the inn for dinner. You know how he loves German food and I reserved a table over looking the river. " 

Norma tells them as she is digging in her purse. 

"I am going to go see Randy in New York since he can't come here. No telling my brothers though. They do not need to know that yet. We are still figuring out things. Not everyone falls instantly like you guys." Salali quips. 

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Aisling looks at her hands pouting a little. 

"I haven't planned anything yet . Astila is on call that night. " 

Norma exclaims aha loudly. She pulls a box from her purse and hands it to Aisling. 

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